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abhishek (Chartered Accountant) (287 Points)
Replied 20 January 2010

I dont know y most of us looked afraid from MICS..........According to me MICS is the best subject in 2nd grp like FM in 1st...Its a less time consuming subject any one can finish dis subject in 6 days if he/she reading it 1st time.........but ya for dis you have to read it form institute's Compilation (197 pages) for MICS module is not require at all after reading dis.............

CA Amit Kumar (C.A., CWA Final) (251 Points)
Replied 20 January 2010

dear Abhishek you r right

but it depends upon person to person.

MICS is very tuff for me but if we talk about DT, IDT, Costing n Accounts i have much better control on these subject.


CA. ANKUR JAIN (CA.....) (2800 Points)
Replied 20 January 2010

Originally posted by : Amit Kumar
hi frns i m sharing my experience and thought,
this was my 4th attempt, i got my 1st grp cleared in my 1st atmpt, every time when i appear in exams i got failed in MICS, every time i got 25-30 marks, this time i thought k, AV MICS KO HI DEKHTE HAI, i worked very hard on mics and finally i got 62.
i also worked on rest of 3 papers, but dont know why MICS always disturbed me.
This time i was very sure abt my rslt,


This is the spirit yaaaaaaaaaar i neeeeeed it......

Rahul Bansal (Finalist) (35929 Points)
Replied 20 January 2010


Originally posted by : RAHUL BANSAL

Anjali Maheshwari (MSc. Maths Msc. IT B.Ed (Thinking of CA))   (74 Points)
Replied 20 January 2010

Thats a great thought keep on going

prateek khare (article) (23 Points)
Replied 20 January 2010

Is it worth doing SAP ERP course from the institute?

kalyan (Finance Manager ) (91 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010

 Hi Should  i quit Ca?

I'm writing ca final since May 2007   and not cleared not even one group . Also   every time i 'm   getting  55 to 59 marks in Audit, Law, DT, IDT. Also i wrote very well  in Mics and not at all getting good marks. 

Now i'm 28 pressure  are building up in my home  for marriage etc. and have to  be in job presently i'm working in  audit firm for 20 k  per month . 

so writing again means a big task and  i'm in a mood to quit ca  and planning to go for jobs in BPO   which gives more salary also  planning to complete  certiifcation courses offered by some  other institute  other than icai.

From the above marks it clearly states that ca is not my  bread and butter  as  i don't have any luck in it . 

So friends  kindly advise  me on the same  asap  so  that i can take a wise decision .  now i don't have enough patience   for  any failures.

Also  if continued   whether  i have to go on group wise or both .

Thanks and Regards,


CA Amit Kumar (C.A., CWA Final) (251 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010

dear kalyan i can understand ur feelings.

i think u should not quit, u should try harder, as u r saying that u r getting more than 55 in all theoritical and practical subjects subjects except mics, which book ur following.

i think u should refer padhuka this time, make ur own short notes and try to understand technical language of mics,

dear one thing is  very clear that we are chartered accountant and not software engineer, so please don,t try to understand the technical meaning and also don't take panic. 

just maeke ur own notes and RATTA laga lo yaarrrrrrr

maine v aise hi kiya tha, u can read my exp.

best of luck.



Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114768 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010

Dear Kalyan,

As per my opinion you should not quit. You have almost 80% commend over all the subjects of CA final. You have to bear the pressure.


Write down some positive aspects like Age 28 + Salary 20K + already working and so on on one side and compare with negative aspects like family pressure etc. Its just a matter of time. 

All the Best  

CA Rishabh Bansal (job) (97 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010

the same thing is happening with me also

im 27 writing group 2 final in may10

giving final since may2007

group 1 is cleared but with job im unable to get gud marks rather this time my total was 120 for group 2

i dont know how to prepare now

im quitting the job and have already resigned and will be sitting for study from feb15 as notice period is there

but frens pls tell me how to prepare so that i can clear it this time

im doing notes of :

costing -- sanjay aggarwal

mics -- dinesh madan

dt -- VG sir

idt -- ajay jain book


pls advice

Rishabh :(

Vivek (Finally passed CA Final...!!!!!)   (1097 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010

Hi, Kalyan & Rishabh....

I was appearing for CA Final since May 08. I cleared it this time... I am also working... (Got only 10 days leave for the exam)... I advice you not to quit CA...

Kalyan told about MICS.... There are plenty of files uploaded in this site on the subject MICS like rapid rivison notes, point wise notes etc.. You can refer them... I referred only them & compilation & i got 60 in that paper. & It is because of MICS i cleared this time (My other marks costing-46, DT-46,IDT-48, Aggregate is exactly 200...!!!).. i will attach those files for your easy access (Disclaimer: Those files are not mine, I downloaded it from this site only)

Rishabh, you consider MICS as scoring paper. Prepare well for it. I think for costing you better refer Paduka Book... Dont ignore theory in costing.. Other books are good... But use latest addition of the books... For DT & IDT you can refer Yogendra Bangar also... In files uploaded by me, you can find a zip file titled "IDT Summary notes"... You download it... it helps in preparation for IDT paper in a lesser time.

Lastly, I would like to Thank CAClubindia. for providing such a wonderful assitaance to students....

I promise to continue as a member of this site.


Attached File : 2 3 mics revision 20notes.pdf downloaded: 140 times

Vivek (Finally passed CA Final...!!!!!)   (1097 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010


Attached File : 11 mics revision.pdf downloaded: 109 times

Vivek (Finally passed CA Final...!!!!!)   (1097 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010


These 3 files are really a gem for preparation of MICS.....

Attached File : 48 32 mics final notes.pdf downloaded: 111 times

CA Rishabh Bansal (job) (97 Points)
Replied 21 January 2010

 hi Vivek


thanks a lot for MICS notes

but i didnt find any DT notes attached here.


Kindly send them again

and i will surely study paduka and bangar this time



thanks a lot again 

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