Please help me,please.

Roshni Agarwal (student) (33 Points)

14 January 2012  

I want your help. Hi, I am Roshni completed and now pursuing Ca-pcc, my articleship is completed but i dont able to clear yet any group. I given my first attempt on june'09 but passed only in law paper got 51, then appeared on nov'09 but cant able to clear any sub. then may'10 attempt missed, after that nov'10 again i failed and won't able to clear any subject, may'11 just passed in a/c got 45, articleship completed on june, nov'11 missed again. Now what i have to do ?

I got huge pressure from my relatives that when i will get marraige ?they want me not to study more, but i want to study. whenevr i want to start study that time only somehow they start disturbing me. I really pissed off, because of thier huge interfere in my personal and professional life. 

I joined Ca with one of my relative and some of the friends,now that relative became ca and many friends too, some of them in final, but i am still in pcc level, i don't no what to do or what not to do ? i am very much confused and want some help. i joined today caclubindia and think to get help from all of u after reading some of the articles. No one wants me to study but i want to study, i am an average studnt since school days. 

I am at present teaching want to do job too but with degree how could i get good job, so i have to complete ca but what to do next i dont know anything.

they keep on asking me when will i clear my pcc? or they say me that ca is not an easy course that any road man start and become ca, they keep on hurting me by asking and presurizing me by same question, i can study only 3 hours in mid-night only, because i have to do all house works. 

please help me.