Outstanding Tax Demand. Plz. Help

Captain Kumar (self) (89 Points)

27 April 2020  

I got a tax demand of some Rs 14000 in A.Y 2003-04, which I had paid by cheque and did not got a challan serial number for it from the bank. I forgot about it, but while logging into my account, I found that the particular demand is still outstanding.

When I approached the bank to get Challan Number in 2020 now, bank did not had any records. So I again paid that demand of Rs. 14000 now in 2020 and the challan number was generated and BSR Code generated. I accepted the demand as "Correct" in the coloum of my account. Also lodged a quick griveance that Demand paid, but not reflecting as paid. Now, will I be charged the interest in outstanding amount uptill now/ There was no  amount in oustanding interest colum in generated challan. Will I get a interest demand again or not.? PLease help. I cannot find answers. Thank you.