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No job for ca inter

Ashish Kukreja (CA Final Student) (587 Points)

05 July 2012  

Hi All

I am looking for the job in Accounts & Finance field for the last 2 months and have been to corporate MNCs for Interview but unfortunately my CV is rejected outrightly just because i am CA Inter and they dont want to hire them.They want fresh graduates or experienced.

Is there any job for CA Inter,i cleared my pcc in nov 2010,my articleship was completed last year in april,2011 n i gave my final exams this may,12 both grps.I am idle for 1.5 months now.

I don't know whats the problem with the companies,why they don't hire semi qualifieds.I know the job market is down,Is any of you facing the same problem? Please tell me.I don't want to sit idle.

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Aarush (Delhi) (1566 Points)
Replied 05 July 2012

Dear Ashish, well i have to say that you are not single the person who is facing such issues, you know very well there is tough competition in market for each one either he / she is graduate or qualified.

In your cases i dont understand that why you appoarching MNC only ?? why not other companies ??

See MNC company always prefer Graduates who Join their organisation in salary range of 20-25K and devote 7 to 8 HR in all 5 days, they have a MIND THAT GRADUATE PERSON WILL NOT MOVE FROM COMPANY EASILY.

also MNC provide many services to their staff - like 2 days holidays, to attract graduate person (more attraction, more application, more candidates) in such companies" LEARNING IS NOTHING YOUR WORK EXPOSURE WILL BE IN LIMIT, like if you are working in AR / AP / FA or any other segment than you can not be able to invole in others fucntions.

this is not followed by some other comanies like "LALA (BANIYA) types of company where you have to work harder 12 to 14 HR in a day and six days even some time all seven days, BUT YOU CAN GRAB EXPERIENCE FROM SUCH COMPANIES.

so try to search such companies where you can enhance your working exposure with some money consideration as well for job satisfaction.

all the best dear for your search.

send me your email address i will send you mine resume format, i hope it work for you.



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Joey Tribbiani (fdg) (2010 Points)
Replied 05 July 2012

MNCs are not hiring for very simple reason,if you pass in result,u will be a CA then,either you will leave the company or demand a raise in your salary. Secondly if you fail,u will be in need of holidays of atleast 45 days. So why would they hire you for such a short period. As for sitting idle,I was also idle for a month then I joined a CA firm. If you have experience of articleship,any CA firm will hire you for anywhere between 10k -20k,depending on the firm. I am getting 15k. Also working in a CA firm will increase your knowledge more than working in an MNC,where you would be paid 25k for data entry work.

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Ashish Kukreja (CA Final Student) (587 Points)
Replied 05 July 2012

Thanks Gaurav and Mohd Atir for your reply,i will join any CA Firm, i'll try midsize or any big4 where i get gud exposure and knowledge till the time i become CA...my email id is ashish_kukreja13 @ yahoo.co.in

CA MOHAMMED IRFAN (Chartered Accountant) (136 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

Thank u Gourav and Atir. You both dicussed very practicle experience. Plz do mail me a CV format at irfanmd6818 @ gmail.com

Aarush (Delhi) (1566 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

Send to both & ashish_kukreja13 @ yahoo.co.in irfanmd6818 @ gmail.com

BVM SATYANARAYANA (Manager Finance and Accounts-CA Finalist)   (87 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

Asish you have tried in MNCs,but there is no scarcity for jobs in other medium level companies.Some companies cannot afford the salary of a CA, so simply they hire a CA finalist.In such a case you can learn lot of things that will enrich your knowledge.Employment is a win-win combination you should be able to learn while serving the organisation,if you have more work  it is so enjoyable if you are able to meet the deadlines, the employer will certainly grant you leave for the exams,so don't postpone any thing,either in office or in studies, so try hard.All the best.

HARISH MEHTA (Chartered Accountant) (210 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

 Dear आशीष मेरी भी same problem है, मेने भी फ़ाइनल 2 Gr.   की exam दी है, and i am also cleared  my 1 st  Gr. in last year  लेकिन कोई भी compnay appoint karne को agree नहीं है। मेरे पास तो दो साल का experiance भी है । 

CA Abhinav (Chartered Accountant) (496 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

@ Ashish............ You won't get any job in MNC if you tell during your interview that you are pursuing CA final or given the CA final exam recently.....awaiting result....MNC interviewers are always interested in permanent employees and when you tell them that you are pursing CA course and would require the substantial amount of leave after every six month.........then they will make excuse that currently we don't have a right kind of job according to your profile, once we have, we will intimate to you.....The reason behind not hiring those candidates who are pursing  course is that generally MNC handles outsourced work of their clients wherein FTE (full time employee) are defined for certain amount of work which also a basis for billing purpose..........Now suppose they employ you and you go for leaves in that case they require another FTE to fill the gap created by your absence, this will compel the project manager to hire one more FTE for your replacement which increases the cost of processing the work which eventually is transferred to client.........Now it could result into MNC loosing that outsourced work.............................

So either don't tell them you are pursing CA course any further or remove the CA inter qualified qualification from your CV....This very same thing has happened to my elder brother wherein he denied job in GE when he mentioned he is pursing CA course.......but after 2 months when he approached through consultant which advised him to remove the CA qualification from your CV once you got selected tell them  you are pursuing CA course...........he did the same and selected in GE company (now Genpact)


bhavik mehta (C.A.) (526 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

very practical one , and face by almost al Ca-final student...

even CA firms are not ready to give job simply ., & if give the job then we require to compromise with salary, except big 4 or top 10 C.A. firms...

but thnks Gaurav & mohd , for ur valuable input.

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Replied 06 July 2012

There is job no problem...But most companies do not want to appoint that person who is appearing in ca exam.Reason is that thek they khow that you will quit job in exam time.& whole work will be disturbed. 






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Nitesh Gangaramani (Tutor) (28 Points)
Replied 06 July 2012

Very helpful..... Gaurav, wud u plz guide me in preparing a nice resume ?? My e-mail ID is: nitgang @ gmail.com

Budding Professional (B.Com, CA & CS FINAL) (1686 Points)
Replied 09 July 2012

Even I am awaiting my CA FINAL Results and have completed articleship in Jan 2012... nd also looking for jobs though I am waiting for results to take a final step.. what I feel and has been rightly highlighted by the members in the previous comments that the employers are reluctant to appoint you if you are a CA Final student or you are awaiting CA FINAL results. Reason being simple that you wont be working for long with them.


I had applied to a multinational FMCG for the position of Finance and Accounting Analyst and got the the following response "We have reviewed your qualifications and we will not be processing your application further"  It actually came as a bit of surprise to me but later I realised that the qualification was graduate with 0-2 years of experience looking forward to make career among in ...........(certain specified fields) may be that's why I was not considered..


So, I feel that it is important to consider the qualificatins mentioned by the recruiter before making any type of application. and generally CA Inter/Final is specifically mentioned against any job requirement, else we will end up in disappointment of not getting a job or not being considered for a job.. We must also exercise caution in selecting the companies for applying for a job as once screened, our candidature will not be considered for the next 6/12/18/24 months. The fact that the job sentiment is also negative owing to economic slowdown is one fo the reasons that the jobs are scarce.


My advice would be to focus primarily on qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and then start looking for career. Because as a CA Inter candidate we will not earn ourselves a CAREER, instead we will earn ourselves a JOB which will be our CARRIER for lifetime.

And I request everyone not to be disappointed by the early hurdles that are coming our way..We as a Chartered Accountant aspirants must show tough character and resilience and not to get bogged down by early fallouts that are or may happen or are happening..

Having said that i wish all the best to all of you for the results and your career search and would pray that those who have appeared for the FINAL exams pass out including me.



Pavan Kulkarni (Accounts Assistant) (49 Points)
Replied 22 July 2012

I have also experienced similar results,recently visited a company for a job. Interviewer didinot consider me just beacause i'm a CA Student . He Asked me what i will do once i qualify as CA. Disaapointing but it is truth, we should accept it.


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