My 7th failure in ipcc

Shubham Maheshwari (Student) (25 Points)

01 February 2016  
I cleared my 1st group of IPCC in my fourth attempt. I am a third year article trainee now. Still not able to clear my second group of IPCC. November 2015 was my 8th attempt of IPCC. Trying hard in each attempt. Increasing my efforts in each attempt. Still not able to pass my exams. Going through severe depression. I want to quit CA and try for bank exams now as I am turning 23 and most of my friends have become Chartered Accountants now and I am still an IPCC student. My parents do not want me to quit CA but I seriously do not want to continue my CA journey. I am mentally dead now. Not able to sleep at nights. My performance graph is falling drastically now as I was an above average student in my school days. No one is able to understand the phase I am going through now my parents, my CA Sir, relatives, no one. Sometimes I think that I am good for nothing as I have devoted my 5 years in this course now and still not able to succeed. I even thought to commit suicide many times. My life is becoming hell day by day. My younger brother is doing fantastic in his career. What should I do? Somebody please convince my parents and my boss that I do not want to do CA now as I am not seeing a future in this course anymore. Somebody please please please help me out. I am broken from inside. I am dying mentally. I need help !!