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Motivation is a key to success....some example


17 February 2010  

Dear Friends,

Necessity is the mother of invitation…

Behind the success of a person, there is an untold pain behind it.

It is a good saying. Now a days students are so lucky  compared to the  olden days. Good number of reference books  are plenty in the market. Good CA coaching classes for you, provided that you have money.

Think there was a situation  where students have to depend on modules only.

I will give light to  a real story.

There was a poor boy , his father was drunkard and responsless to the family. Due to which his mother need to take up the family responsibility . The mother was lived with the ambition that her son will become a good level and all the problems will be sorted out.

But the son was so lazy and average in terms of studies.   The mother was struggled very hard for daily living expense. She was making  Pappad and getting a little income.

The boy got 47% in SSLC exam and joined the Art group in Plus 2 and secured a 50% marks in the Plus 2 exam.

Turning point in Boys life

During  the results waiting time, he come to know about the CA course through his friends..The potential of the Course and the reputation in the society.

He  had taken a decision to  take the course , But he was poor in maths and English. So he was decided to  take the course after his graduation only.

But now the real problems start. The mother found very difficult to educate the son. She was lost all the gold ornaments with her and dipped in to the in debtness.  But she believed that all her effort become true one day..

He had his younger brother who was forced to send job due to the family problems and he was too poor in studies

The boy was taken tuition for small kids and earned a Fee of Rs 100/- The fee for the  private college was Rs 75/- and remaining Rs 25/- was saved for buying books for studies. His relative never helped him ….

He was cleared the B Com  and desired to join the  CA  course.

The Boy joined the CA course with the help of Rs 5000/- donated by his grand mother  and undergone articlship. There was not much pressure of the work during the beginning stages.

He was no money to undergo coaching and resorted to self studies and confined to ICAI materials only. The boy was worked too hard and cleared the group one of intermediate in first attempt.There after take the long time of two year to clear group two due to cost accounting problems…He had faced many personal issues during the final exam.But never lost the confidence and cleared…

Moral of the story

Self confidence is the first key..

Committed for CA like course and raising according to the situation at the disposal

Hard work and positive frame of mind is the second factors

Third, If the matter is utmost necessity for you, surely , you can find a way for doing the same

Yours lovingly

Vivek M

Castudenthelpdesk @ gmail.com




 8 Replies

Replied 17 February 2010


Here I am sharing a real story that it may also prove fruitful to you all to combat the stress of exams:-

His name was Mr X. He lost his father during schooling. His relatives didn’t help and he had mother and younger sister to look after. His illiterate mother told children to continue studies and she started work as maid and sweeping at temples. Mr X used to do labour work along with studies in B.Com to help her Sister to study as well. After B.Com he told his mom that he would now do some job but his mother refused and told him to do further studies/CA to bring good name to family and upliftment of family status. Those time 3 years of articleship. Tremendous pressure on him. Her mother also started falling ill sometime during first year and he had to work sometime on night to earn some money. He would not share everything to principal. Also he had seen some days when he had no food but he managed for his sister and mom. Very difficult days for him and he passed 3 years of articleship in just two pairs of dress.



Anyhow he cleared  Inter both groups without aid of coachings. Soon after he cleared inter, his mother passed away. He was totally shattered but the more difficulties came, the stronger he became. He decided to complete CA to fulfill wishes of parents and look after sister. Little help he was getting from friends also sometime. Principal increased his stipend but that was meager and difficult to manage. He continued his studies with consistency and finally CA final exam days came but god wanted him to test further. His sister fall ill badly and rushed to hospital during final exam days. Out of his strong will power, determination and previous good preparation, he managed to give final exams. Result came and he cleared both groups together and became CA. He and his sister started crying for an hour after he became CA in remembrance to her beloved mother and father. He is now in Canada and earning lacs together. He donates too much to trusts to help needy students.

So my dear friends, you should also take some positives from above like:

1)      He was just an average student and wanting in every field like no coachings, meager finance, little books, looking after family etc. You have everything, so why don’t you study and clear your CA exams to fulfill your parents dream. Imagine the moments when u are CA and standing before parents. what a proud moments. Work on it yar from right now. Mr X cleared CA out of strong will power and determination to fulfill parents dream, you should also do it. How many of you want to fulfill parents dream and actually started doing should scrap below.




2)       Yar my dear friends you should understand that people do it inspite of all odds and difficulties. You are your maker or destroyer of your own career. But remember, your family and friends are always attached to you and if you wanna destroy your career by not studying, you are destroying them too. Think it and give a thought…………….

3)      If you wanna sour like a lion, learn and develop the ways of a lion yar. Means be strong from inside and leave aside your weak man attitude that always complain. Difficulties will come for sure in life and while studying but how you overcome these is your strong attitude.

4)      One thing I wanna share you that achievers don’t waste time in unproductive thoughts. They think constructively and they know their level of thinking determines their success.

                                      To conclude my friends, take some positives from above and implement it. This article is for your benefit only. Most people fail not because of ability and intelligence but because of lack of desire, direction, dedication and discipline. Pl express ur thoughts of how u find this article to continue further.

Make most of today my friends and good luck for preparation.

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dishant Bhatt (CA FINAL STUDENT) (158 Points)
Replied 17 February 2010

thanx sir i really motivated...


vivek u are pride of our kerala u are our kohinoor diamond...longlive vivek!!i loed the story this is how everyone must be and respect their parents....goodstory...

P A N K A J (CA FINAL) (740 Points)
Replied 21 February 2010

sir really very motivating...

Rahul Bansal (Finalist) (35924 Points)
Replied 21 February 2010


Replied 21 February 2010

The first part of the story is about CA Vivek M ACA and second story is about Siddharth............

vipin pandey (article assistent) (26 Points)
Replied 24 May 2010

pls koi mujhe y bata do ki termination lene ke baad bi kya m exam de sakta hu, aur kisi dusre chartered accountat se kara sakta hu........?

vipin pandey (article assistent) (26 Points)
Replied 24 May 2010

Originally posted by : vipin pandey

pls koi mujhe y bata do ki termination lene ke baad bi kya m exam de sakta hu, aur kisi dusre chartered accountat se kara sakta hu........?

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