Meaning of body corporate-service tax modification no.30/12

ankita sabharwal (Eecutive) (24 Points)

23 October 2013  

in Reference to Service Tax Modification no.30/2012

Under Taxable Services, point (A)(v)


(A) (v) provided or agreed to be provided by way of renting of a motor vehicle designed to carry passengers to any person who is not in the similar line of business or supply of manpower for any purpose or service portion in execution of works contract by any individual, Hindu Undivided Family or partnership firm, whether registered or not, including association of persons, located in the taxable territory to a business entity registered as body corporate, located in the taxable territory

What is the meaning of Body Corporate?

Does it include only companies registered under the Companies Act in India or also the proprietors , partnerships, co-op societies etc?

I want to understand who all will be considered as a body corporate.