Life at cci, before and after being featured pt ii

Sourav Banerjee MA,MSW (Shabda Bramha) (8842 Points)

14 January 2012  



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            “I’ve a much bigger family than what you think. And it’s growing. See?” After the initial couple of months at CCI, this was my proud statement that my colleagues had to bear with far too often than they would have liked.


There was a time when in every battle that I fought I’d taste defeat. It became more of a rule than an exception. But, time and tide - impatient they may be – change, at least for most of us. And, I was destined to be among one of those blessed few because this time I was not alone in my fight. The affection, good wishes and camaraderie of the members of my second family have become a source of unprecedented strength for me.


That some positive change was coming into my life was evident from the happenings of the year 2007 which culminated with the Birth of Rishila – my daughter – in March 2008. Holding my baby in my hands had been such a heavenly feeling, - it still is and it will be, forever. I thought that I had seen it all – from worst to the very best.


“I was tired and sleeping on my idle bed and

Imagined all work had ceased.

In the morning woke up and found my garden

Full with wonders of flowers.”


            Apart from my daughter and my family, in my garden of most memorable relationships that has sisters, brothers, friends and mentors, the “wonders of flowers” kept blooming from Sunrise to Sunset after my chance-joining in CCI. Each gem, colour, moment or relationship has its own unique presence in our minds. When any one of them comes, it paints our heart with its own colour. And when they come together, a rainbow appears in the horizon of our soul – it comes to stay, far longer than its natural cousin.


One morning, while in my office, I had a call on my cellphone. On the other side of the line, there was an unexpected caller. CS Shambhu Kumar Jha, calling from Hyderabad. Although we exchanged our phone numbers a day before without having anything specific in mind, he was right there the next day. For his busy schedule, Shambhu Ji is not a frequenter at CCI and it was my good fortune that I could somehow get associated with this down-to-earth, young achiever in between his visits. To my delight, he even spoke Bengali – Shambhu Ji did his CS while in Kolkata. I’ll never forget his words of inspiration.


I’ll also take the memories of my sisters and brothers “onto my graves”( as one of my soul-mates once wrote to me) – for some of whom, at times, I find fatherly affection in my heart as they are so much younger to me in age.


Akansha is a very plain-hearted girl. Her child-like innocence makes her so special to me. Who could imagine that a person, who is otherwise a no-frequenter in CCI, would come to me only for my blessings on her Birthday??!! That’s how she is and I pray, this innocence doesn’t get dead in the face of reality, harsh as it is; and I wish I could bless her in her Birthday in the decades to come ( tall wish ? smiley).


Replying is one aspect that I’ve always laid stress upon. My realm has been non-technical for obvious reasons and my opinion about replying is centered around topics, non-technical. One’s words are carriers of one’s esteem – each word is important. I don’t know whether I’ve succeeded or not but I’ve tried to reply with as much seriousness as I felt necessary. Memorable replies has presented me with memorable relationships, - while my reply attracted one present and one or two future superstars of CCI, I was impressed by replies of some others.


Harini is one of them. The replies of Harini speak volumes for her innate ability to analyze and express. A contented person, a proud mother of two sons (she has renounced her career temporarily giving priority to the rearing of her children) and a future CMA, she possesses a refined and a compassionate mind. I wish her proposed school- for underprivileged children- all the success. Undoubtedly, in time to come, her noble effort will bring smile to the faces many children.


My posts on English have awarded me with my very dear sister, Mansha, an IPCC student with a bright academic record and a very responsible, diligent, spontaneous and mature person for her age. She is having a tough time recently which I’m sure she’ll overcome with iron-determination. A very bright future awaits her. Thank God and Sanjay Ji that I started sharing on the Queen’s language. Otherwise, I may not have found such a lovely sister. I remember her anxiousness during the AMRI fire tragedy in Kolkata. She was the first to enquire about my safety.


Priyanshu’s touching posts took a brother to his sister. Another person with immense knowledge and bright future, Priyanshu will always be remembered for her compassionate mind which is ever-reflected through her writings – both articles and replies.


A vibrant personality possessing a distinct presence in CCI is Renu. She has carved a niche among the distinguished personalities here with her flair for writing. With her temperament under her control, she has the potential to go many a mile. Hearing about my CS aspirations, she shared with me some indispensible links. And she is always on the lookout for things that may help his brother. The same is applicable for Mansha too. Renu was the first one to THANK me - a very special coincidence, isn't it?


If you, dear reader, want to experience the combination of exuberance, diligence, sincerity and competitiveness at one place, you have to see my sister Resham in her daily routine. Another prolific writer and a genuine book lover, Resham wants to do something for the society which, I’m sure, she’ll do in a big way. She has only one negative side in her. She tends to ignore her health too much. Resham must know that she is in for a marathon and not a 100-meter-run.


In order to raise a critical point about one of my habits, Saritha contacted me through a PM. It was destined to be the first step towards establishment of a sister-brother relationship. One of the top 30 members of CCI ( presently she is in the 17th ) , Saritha’s works speak volumes for her dazzling presence.


Wonderful messages and fantastic pictorial presentation of her posts educed one of the most memorable relationships that I share with one my most affectionate sisters, Vandana. I was convinced that with a mind as commiserative as her, she must start giving shape to her own thoughts through writing. Persuasion calls for relentlessness and my sister will affirm that from her own experience. “Thoughts matter” - that’s what she came up with as her first endeavour. I’d only say that she did enough justice to a very complex topic. And my conviction was corroborated by all the positive replies that her article had received.


Yet to be finished…