Life at CCI - Before and after being Featured

Sourav Banerjee MA,MSW (Shabda Bramha) (8842 Points)

05 January 2012  

Life at CCI - Before and after being Featured




Visiting CCI has become a second nature for me. Every morning at 7.30 AM, I rush to my PC, log in to CCI and stay there till 9 AM when I would leave for office. In the evening, after coming back from my office and before going for a shower, I check my profile. Then it is Rishila, - my daughter (maybe she doesn’t need an introduction smiley) who occupies the prime time with supreme authority. After that it’s CCI again – that’s how the major part of the last six months had passed by.




 Some days after my joining here, my office-colleagues would raise their eyebrows and ask, “What makes you so glued to this one website?” I wish they realized that CCI is not just “one website”! It’s a large virtual home where we, the family members, meet every day, share our moments of life, – may that moment be of pain or happiness, of triumph or failure or those moments of amassing knowledge and getting enriched. In my case, knowledge gathered here has certainly helped me to ward off my innate inanity to some extent. smiley


Some compulsive skeptics, undaunted spirits as they are, would ask me with an impish grin on their face, “And how do explain your fascination for the word ‘family’?” Only the Almighty knows what on earth instilled in them this belief that I’m to explain every bit of my feelings about CCI to these prudent men! May be I should curse myself for initiating the topic in the first place. Isn’t it? May be, yes. But for me, that goes against the grain.


Well, honestly speaking, these are not the so-called bad human beings; they are simply barricaded by their rigid, age-old pre-conceived notions.



Under such circumstances, the born explainer that I’m, start defending my case with all the seriousness in the world to take my acquaintances to the other side of the Bell curve. After all, we are supposed to uphold the name of our family.



The task was more daunting than it may possibly be perceived and demanded subtilizing my points of argument. Even in those moments of dawn, I had one Bramhastra which would save my day, - my association with CMA. Sanjay Gupta – my guiding force. He has been one of THE MOST precious, life-long gifts that CCI had blessed me with. This uncommonly down-to-earth young achiever possesses such humble a character! If I say anything in public praising him, he’ll come up with this reply, “Please don’t lay bare your feelings about me in front of the whole world. I know how my elder brother’s feelings. Your love and respect for me is equivalent to thousand words uttered. Instead, you write something on the English language. ” It was his inspiring advice that prompted me to start writing articles in English.


And this is the reason why I would resort to mentioning about his influence in my life only after all my other arguments have become exhausted, - and I’ll partly win my case; - partly, because, those born adroit legal minds would nonchalantly ask, “ So, your second family consists of one man!!! Good.”


Such discussions would end up along similar lines till my family grew larger. And it happened faster than both the parties to the argument thought.


To be continued…