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Leaving CA Course

Varun (Articled) (72 Points)

06 January 2010  

Hi everyone,

I have done CA articleship for one and a half years but now I wish to leave the CA Course for personal reasons. I have informed my principal of the same and he has agreed. However, is there any formality to be completed at the institute..i.e. any forms to be filled in ..

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Ajay kumar (assistant) (481 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Why r u leaving c a course.


Varun (Articled) (72 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

because i am not interested in the course.. i find it very boring..i find the work also very boring...i will not be doing it in the future

Rajeev Garg (DOF) (71 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Hi Varun,

Seems like you were forced to do this course but never liked it. Keep your hand on your heart and say "All iz Well". Do something you are interested in doing and like to do..All the best for your future endevours...



@ Varun - U can leave the course if u are not interested. Follow the principle given in 3 iditos.

" Join any field of ur interest. " But dont change it later on, otherwise ur parents and frends will think that, u r confused and dont knwo wat to do. So, just think twise before leaving the ca course. And choose ur interesting carrier and stick to it.


Now ur querry for documents:-

According to me, there is no requirement to inform institute for this. No documents need to be submitted.

You are free, even u dont need to inform about ur articleship etc to ur institute, its ur own decision.


But i recommend u to keep all the documents, registration letters etc for future, if in case, u decide to rejoin the course u will need all ur documents.


Best of luck. & Say, "All is well...."

Deepak Jain (CA Final Student) (514 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Yes Karan is right.

Keep scope for future, if u want to re-enter

CA Vivek (CA , CS) (71 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

thank god one competitor reduced

gys kuch sikho varun se



CA Dhiraj Ramchandani (CA, M. com) (10818 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

i think its form 108

Aniket (Student) (42 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

I am also in the same position........ I think we need to submit Form 109....... Kindly suggest us.......

Datta Gore (Exe-Taxation) (54 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Goodone guys leave CA ....Ok...Best luck ................But keep in touch with CA Club ...In future any problem you have face ..........share with all of us...........

CA Dhiraj Ramchandani (CA, M. com) (10818 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Hi aniket, i too earlier thought for form 109..... But one of my frnd (who probably knows better than me) said its form 108....


Better call at ICAI of ur city and inquire, not a big deal


dont leave the cource

you may regeret your decision in near future

CA Mohit Agarwal (Chartered Accountant) (1025 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Hi Ashish

Dude dont leave the Course............

Riyaz Khan (CA CS (Exec) MBA (Fin) Asst. General Manager-SEBI Internal Auditor-British Certifications Inc.)   (1315 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Leave the course, only if you treat yourself  as a loser.

nitin kumar vijay (Manager(Accounts)) (282 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010


Before leaving C.A.cource please remember the dialog of Harivanshrai bacchan 
Man ka kam mile jaye  to achchha aur na  mile to aur bhhi achha.
Yar hame to acchhe kam me urja(energy) lagani hai phir  vo kuchbhiho ham to man se karenge.

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