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Krishna Killa (Student) (70 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

hi there varun.....

i think u shud take a proper transfer so that in case any day u want to reregister than ur present articleship would b counted. also ur principal would not let his seat occupied for no reasons.... the exact form can be found from the insti.

Also 1 sugession.....in case u r not satisfied with a articleship, choose a different field al together like say project consultancy or investment banking.....they to take in industrial trainees...... dont leave the entire cource just coz u r boared of it....


Vivek (Finally passed CA Final...!!!!!)   (1097 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Good decision....

.A.M. (Learner) (115 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

In my view termination from principal is required. Form 109.  Good Luck

Rahul Bansal (Finalist) (35929 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

if u r not interested.........then it's a good decision taken by u...........best of luck for your future & join the course which u find  useful as per your interest......

Varun (Articled) (72 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

i am not a loser...i made a mistake in life by taking this course..and i don't think i have to submit any form as i am leaving the course altogether and not terminating articleship(as an ipcc student)...also i will definitely not rejoin later..

tapesh Kumar (ARTICLE) (46 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

did you joined the course by force. If such you can face the problems in the other courses too. if such has done, you can think what u r. If your decision is final, then complete the required proceeding in the institute otherwise you have to face problems in present and future.

Varun (Articled) (72 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

what is the procedure to be completed..and what could be the problems faced if i dont complete the necessary procedure..

I joined the course not by force but because I did not know what to do after 12th. Now I know what I want to do..and it is not CA..

CA Sandeep Agrawal (C.A.) (50 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

 Before leaving think think think about your life then take decision................

Varun (Articled) (72 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

i am going to complete my bcom and then go for masters in finance at a top uk university

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Dear friend Varun,

kindly read what i said on 1st page. I am telling it again that, u dont need to follow any procedure, and no need to send any documents to ICAI. Just u can leave it right now. No problem will arise in future. As there are no documents required to be submitted for leaving the course neither regarding articleship nor ur final or PCC course.

No need to inform for discontinuation of articleship by sending any form like 108 or 109 etc. These shall be required only if u r rejoining the course. And u have said it earlier that u r not going to rejoin it in future then i suggest u that, === "Just forgot that u have taken registration for ca course ever in ur life. "====

Tell me if u got any problem regarding above mentioned matter.

And best of luck for ur education in UK university.



Thanks and regards,



i know ca is a good course, but its not the best course. There are lots of other carrier opprtunities in other fields.

I suggest all ca students to read below mentioned part and asks himself or herself that-

1) whether doing audit or ca job is his / her  dream work?

2) Do I have passion for accounting work?

3) Do i think for ca's work with same interest like i have interst in other things?

4) Is doing accounting work my hobby? 

5) Do i really want to be an accountant ? If all opportunities like good job, high salary and reputation removed will i be interested in doing the same accounting work?

I guess, very few people will get affirmative answers from their heart.

No doubt, one may like (accounting) figures, but he should try to do the work of  his interest., and i think this will make the life happy....

So take decision from ur heart. Do as it says.



CA CS Akashdeep Singh (Practicing CA) (1394 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

a lots of discussion................


my advice is to do that thing or course, etc, what your heart says. Because this life is very short. You should choose that line which you do as your interest not as a compulsion. If joined CA course under compulsion, then please leave it.


Each and every person (more than 90%) join ca not as a interest but they want to earn more and more money. But you should know money can never give you relief.

CA........is it best course?


doing the work at late night..................is it best

lunch at 4 'O' clock................................is it best

work on sunday on laptop at home.....is it best

no dating....no girlfriend.....no outing.......is it best

Please remember.........money is not every thing................. 

CA CS Akashdeep Singh (Practicing CA) (1394 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Great reply by Mr Karan.................i also agree with him. All 5 point which he mentioned above................ask from your heart......definately u will know real truth

Punit Tibrewal (student ) (1684 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

 u need form 109 for termination of articleship

CA CS Akashdeep Singh (Practicing CA) (1394 Points)
Replied 06 January 2010

Best of luck Varun for ur future

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