Keeping a positive attitude is key during a job search

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20 April 2012  


Today's professional world can be difficult, particularly for those who are currently out of work. There are millions of jobless people, as the unemployment rate remains above 8 percent. This can be a discouraging situation for anyone who is looking for a job. However, the most important thing a job seeker can bring to their efforts to find work is a positive attitude.
Being unemployed is frustrating, depressing and even at times demeaning. Now that we have those negative thoughts out of the way, let's think about the positive aspects. You may not be receiving a paycheck, but you do have the opportunity to reshape your future.
This may come as cold comfort to the unemployed, but it is true. Being unemployed may serve as the motivation to go back to school or finish training for jobs in a new line of work. In some cases, this may set a person up for a more lucrative career than they would have had if they never lost their job in the first place.
The important thing to remember is that, for most people, being jobless is just a temporary setback. However, developing a negative attitude and allowing yourself to get discouraged is the surest way to turn joblessness into a long-term situation.
The only time you are assured of not getting a particular job is when you don't apply to it. Assuming that a position is at least somewhat in your field of experience you have some chance of landing it if you send in your resume for consideration.
New jobs get posted to hiring websites and in unemployment offices every single day. If you are currently out of work, you should make hunting down these opportunities and applying to them your full-time job. If you focus on getting at least one application out every single day, something will surely hit eventually.
No doubt, there is a great deal of competition for every position that becomes available these days. Whereas in previous generations any given job posting would have had about three applicants, that number may be closer to 10 today. It may seem like the odds are stacked against you. But if you keep a positive attitude and continue apply to every position you find available in your line of work, you are sure to land something eventually.
The bottom line is that giving up is the only sure way to guarantee failure in a job search. On the other hand, remaining positive and staying active is the only chance a job seeker has of finding a position.
At any given point it may seem impossible to find a new position. However, this sort of defeatist attitude has no place in your efforts to find employment. Just tell yourself that no matter how long it takes or how much work you have to put in, you will eventually find a new job. Sooner or later the odds will tip in your favor.

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