Indian inventions

CA Manish (Job) (5264 Points)

28 September 2012  

Indian Inventions..!


1. Always order soup 1 by 2 (invented in India). That way you get more if you had ordered 1 soup with an extra bowl.


2. When ordering sugar cane juice, first insist on no ice cubes .

However after the first few sips, ask for the ice cubes with a straight face.


3. Ask for extra puri when you are just finishing your bhel or sev-puri.

It is absolutely ok !


4. Ask for pani after finishing Gol-gappa. It is good for health.


5. Ask for free cucumber / boiled aloo after you have eaten and paid for your sandwich.

Remember ~ after you have paid.


6. Sample all the ice cream flavours free at Natural Ice Cream and then order Sitaphal.


7. When buying peanuts or groundnuts or Chana-Chor-Garam it is ok to keep on munching freebies from the display area till the time your order is getting packed.

It is your birthright !


8. At most Mughlai restaurants you can make a small meal with the free Papad, peanuts, onions, pickles and chutney so you can skip the starters.


9. Always ask for free sherbet after you have super sucked your Kala Khatta Gola back into ice.


10. It is absolutely ok to pocket the free toothpicks, mint packets and fennel  seeds served at restaurants - to be used later while walking down to catch the cab, rickshaw, bus, train or car.


11. Do not tip more than 2 % of your total bill, however excellent the services.

Anything more than that will result in heart failure of the poor waiter.

Also we don't want you guys to spoil him as we have to live with them after you guys leave.


12. Lastly do not forget to give 'MISSED CALL ( a concept invented by the Indians)