Income tax traces problem

Srijit Bhattacharya (5 Points)

28 January 2023  

Recently my sister has purchased a flat from NRI. She has deposited the requisite TDS in challan 281 . Before that she has obtained a TAN in her name with the help of a person. But after obtaining TAN, she has deposited the TDS her own without his help. For the 27A submission, she has also created .fvu file. But she found that she could not login the TRACES portal or by income tax portal with TAN. She tried to register at first, but in her utter surprise found that her account was already activated. But she never did that and does not know passwd or user name. Forget user name needs PRN number, which she does not have.

Now my sister took the fvu file and 27a to NSDL TIN facilitation centre for uploading the return. But the centre found that the return was already uploaded.

Does that mean her account is hacked? Somebody is doing mischievevecc kolkata phonements? 

or the TAN database is faulty?

Kindly advise what to do now. We all are very tensed.