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IIM-Calcutta VS. ICAI -Salary

shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)

08 June 2010  
  • Duration    course         Ave Salary india   International salary 
  • 2 Years       PGDM IIM-C          15.32 lakhs               1.70 Crores                                     
  • 5 Years        CA-ICAI                  6.59 Lakhs                70 lakhs                   
  • Placements%  IIM 100
  •                        ICAI-41.25        

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praveen (Chartered Accountant) (6878 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

but boss getting into IIM needs much more brains & hard work than getting through CA to get the salary you have shown there.

If you are really brilliant like an IIM then you will be gettin HIGHER than what you have shown, which will be higher than what any profession can get.

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Amit Nishania (CA Final - Student) (495 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

Some data is missing dude, no. of student appearing in the placement and the procedure of getting into IIM-C, as anyone can take CA but have to go very hard for IIM-C, dats y so much difference.

If u want to compare then take all the MBA institute, u will find they are being hired @ Rs 10000 pm, even an Inter Pass student earn more than that, and amount spend for getting that MBA degree is also to high.

A quote by Ratan Tata- " I need MBA for running my business, But CA to teach them how to run the business"

Just find the salary package offered by ITC to all MBA from IIM, engineer from IIT and Fresher CA- it's 10.61 lac per annum at present and next year it might rise to 12.5 lacs.

That's all, now u can compare and get u result or decision.


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SIVASIVA (FCA, Future CA) (4930 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

Don't compare any course with CA.  CA is unique

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Shoeb Khan (Studies) (63 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

Hi Dude,

CA's are Polished Diamonds don't compare it with others.

What Knowledge u possess is ur Great Wealth....

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Sushil (CA Final Student) (2571 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

Originally posted by : Shoeb Khan

Hi Dude,

CA's are Polished Diamonds don't compare it with others.

What Knowledge u possess is ur Great Wealth....

CA Sahil Singla.. (Service Tax ) (3745 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

ya it's true...CA is totally a different field than MBA....CA's r d kings n queens in terms of Accounting ,taxation n Auditing....with d passage of time CA's will also hav such a commanding position in d field

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

yaa 70 lacs to 11 students out of which 7 only accepted. 4 rejected because they didn't want to endanger their lives in the uncertain places of africa like nigeria,somalia and where ur employer says"we will pay ur ransom 4 times" in the contract. CAs can get 3 crores even in icai placement; if they are ready to go to baghdad. take that.
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ashish (audit assistant) (25 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

hey, hw can u compare ca field with mba....

if u want 2 compare then compare the overall mba guy with ca's, but dont compare a particular institute student with overall ca's......

Ravi Prakash (Service) (38 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

I am fully agree with Sunoj initiation. My points is..... There is very hard work and require huge amount of time to go through the C.A course as compare to IIM-MBA, But we get very nominal in return of it. There is no guarentee that u will get the results of your hard work as it is practical oriented course and Noone is fully practicable due to unsuitable norms of practical training. So we need to think about that minutely and analytically. Moreover when we get the truth about C.A course the, we insist on not to compare it with others one. So friends Post here only true comments n facts and do not attach with saying story ony.
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SUNIL (PCC ) (281 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

I am fully agree with ashish because we must compare overall students of ICAI & IIMs . there were so many diffrence. I think a ca inter passed student more earn than a un qualified mba. we will compare it ALL STEPS of our  study.

Gazanfar (Accountant ) (48 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

Cannot compare CA and MBA because C A cource is much Cheaper then MBA

Suvarna Goel (-) (346 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

and IIMs are EXCLUSIVE. plz dont compare. studying at IIM changes ur life. the grooming, the soft skills. unparalleled.

while many CAs cant speak english properly.

CA Sanjay Jha (ACCOUNTS MANAGER) (914 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

These two campareble not right because

1. a CA are required for essential for company for smooth function but IIM MBA are optional

2. All Indian company not bear IIM but All company bear CA Cost

3. If CA result are out as only IIM then CA package are more than IIM

4. IF CA result out as lower IIM then what happen indian industry can u think, plz think

5. For Company CA is Like Water, without can,t live but IIM as COAL DRINK just formal

6. Mere bhai CA, CA inter, CA final are controlled all indian industry in different role

but IIM have no role in indian context just formal (bura mat manana)


shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)
Replied 08 June 2010

Thank u all guys,

for posting ur views..i just say except rank holders CAs salary is not so high if u can not complete  with rank or with 1st attempt..some times some take years to pass n company don't consider articleship as work ex so those who can not clear final has to suffer alot..only rankers say of  ca final hired by HUL/P&G-the numbers may be 4-5 only get over 10 lakhs only..even big 4 pays very low as they r paying to freshers without taking articleship into consideration......time has come for CAT like exam in CA where time to complete  CA course becomes certain say in time given..allowing articleship in companies after say 1 year tarining with CA firm..emphasis more on presentation skills,communication.....all i can say because ca final is tough that does not mean CA will get high salary..ICAI should learn what is required in specific company n hone skills accodingly......ICAI need to do alot.........till then for finance IIM-C is the best...no doubt some said quality of students in IIMs r great..yes i'm agree..

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