Icai e-sahaayata reply to a very serious grievance...!

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09 February 2012  

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Grievance Status : Resolved.
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07/02/2012 Dear XYZ, Thanks for mail. The site are perfectly opened & slowness of website may be depend on the bandwidtth of network at the user end. It may be slow for sometime during the result announcement as no of hits are there. BOS Knowledge portal is very useful for students so most of the links are coming from our other resource server which is perfectly working. In case of any difficulty for downloading then you may directly contact our IT/BOS departement. Regards,

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Grievance I dont quite understand why ICAI website (www.icai.org) is too slow and the Institute does not bother to take any steps in this regard. Do you know that the Institutes website is considered as one of the most worst websites by the members and students of ICAI since it is really very very slow. It takes ages to open first and then when any link (for example, BOS Knowledge portal in the student column)is clicked, it will not open at all even after half an hour. And this has been continuing from a long time (more than an year). If that is the case how can the students download Compilations, Revision Test Papers, etc. Or for that matter, how can this website be useful to anyone. 

The same is the case with E-sahaayata (www.icai.org/help). It has taken around 10 minutes to open, another 20 minutes to go the page where I can type my grievance.

I can only say that if you cannot run the website properly, better close it because it is spoiling the reputation of the profession of Chartered Accountancy. One can understand that sometimes due to various reasons which may be beyond the control of ICAI, the website may be slow. But if that continues forever, it does not make any sense. It can only mean that you are careless and reckless.

CA Final Student.

Grievance Date 24/01/2012