Icai Campus Experience - TCS..!

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23 August 2012  

Hello everyone..!! smiley

I have attended the Mumbai Campus Placement programme by ICAI (Aug-Sept 2012). I wanted to share my experience with everyone.

Before the Campus Interviews, there is an Orientation programme which is really helpfull. Although all the speakers were'nt very good, some of them were EXCELLENT and it really helps in preparing for your favoured career choice as well as the Interviews. cool

As I had selected my prefernce as " Finance / Financial Management, I was shortlisted by TCS. TCS conducts a written test to shorlist candidates for "Personal Interviews". The written test is a consists of questions from :-

1) Verbal ( English)  - 32 Questions

2) Quantitative Aptitude ( Maths) and Financial Management - 34 Questions

3) Logical Reasoning - 12 Questions

To prepare for the written test borrow books from any of your friends preparing for the MBA CET exams. The questions are exactly of the same format. Basic level Financial Management questions, about 5-6 of them are included in Quantitative Aptitude section.

They give 2 hrs to answer the questions.

TCS also requires you to register on their website. They give the website information on the day of the written test. We have to register ourselves on it and carry a Printout of the Application form for the " Personal Interview"

This year TCS wanted to recruit CA Freshers for the below mentioned fields :-




Basically TCS is an IT industry, they require the knowledge of CA's to build successfull softwares pertaining to Financial and Acounting Fields.

Tips for preparation for the Personal Interview :-

1) Prepare a good resume as they as lot of questions on your work experience. They try and ask tecnical questions based on your work experience.

2) The technical questions were a mix of  Accounting Standards, Audit, Law, ISCA based on the work experience you have mentioned. So prepare all the possible technical questions on your work experience well.

3) Common but very important questions like :-

1)Why TCS?

2) How can a C.A. be usefull to an IT industry?

3) Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

4) What is your biggest achievement till date?

5) Tell me about yourself? - Ice breaker question

The trick is being confident, calm and composed throughout. There is a second round of Personal Interview if you do well in the First Round. TCS gives job offers on the spot if you clear all the rounds well enough.

ALL THE BEST...! Hope this helps..! winkcoolyes