I am not supporting anna hazare

Joey Tribbiani (fdg) (2010 Points)

17 August 2011  

First of all I m neither Pro-Anna nor against him. there are some points for which I support and some points where I dont see any sensible reason for them to be met. If any hardcore anna supporter can clarify me with these I will be more than happy for that. My questions are as follows:

  1. How a lokpal will be appointed? If its by polling system,then why dont we do away with the system of  executive??? Appoint one lokpal and lokayuktas and let them administer the nation.
  2. So much powers in one hand,will it be feasible??
  3. Giving powers to CBI to initiate inquiry against anyone's without any  permission and power to lokpal to suspend any judge without anybody's permission,it means constitution will be rendered useless(sorry to say it,but i will be).
  4. Why are they forcing the goverenment to accept their draft only,even every bill introduced  in parliament  goes into a lot of changes before becoming an act??
  5. They want Lokpal and lokayukta to hear every complaint?? In a population of above 100 crores,is it possible??

I m not saying all their demands are over the top,but many are.The thing is I neither want Congress to win neither anna,I just want INDIA to win,but civil society's demands seems to be straight out of Rajnikanth movie,a bit exaggerated..

Answers to my objections are welcome...