Kapil Kumar Singh Adv (Student) (572 Points)

11 November 2009  

Dear All,

Please let me know whether my approach in writing the CORPORATE LAW Paper is correct or i need to improve on it more.

1.Instead of writing SEC  if would like to  write Sub Section also e.g. SEC  283 (1 ) (a )   ,   SEC 274 ( 1 ) ( a )     etc ..

2.If i write case law like this   B.K.THAKUR   v  ORIENTAL METAL PRESSING WORKS PVT   LTD    i.e if i m unable to remember the full name  can i write abbreviations for it or not.  

  Is it necessary to write  the year also..

3.Most important  can i qUote the relevant SEC from the ACT itself  like this i.e BY BREAKING IT INTO NUMBER OF SENTENCES  :

SEC 284 (1 ) :

A company  may

by an ordinary resolution passed in the general meeting

remove a director  from his office

before the expiry of the term of his office.


4.My approach is like this

First mention the Sec to which the problem relates.

Secondly if there is any case law decided on it then mention it

Lastly write your own conclusion base on the relevant Sec and Case law.