how To study


How to study


Now  thts the point ,.y m writing this article??  Umm…actually a logic behind tht. I m pushing myself to study journal  n article n all study information which a CA must know . thsy we all hav joined the CA Club. But alas after having so much of efforts , I hav jst distract myself to read stories n jokes only on caclub. Hey I hav read some gud info also. Bt I guess its nt so sufficient. So what should I really do to increase my own interst in studies ..and all other things MAT, DIN etc etc …


This question is as similar to the question generally asked by many students  like how to sudy. My situation is too similar with this. So I made up analysis why I m nt upto my expectations. Why I am not coping with the strategy which I wanna follow. When I hav already made up my mind to study journal , then y I cant even read  a page of it. The page is looking like thousand words,rather than 5 min study .



Now here it goes.. my analysis to  my situation to find out why m not upto track .. lets  take an example with a person’s story.

*      Dream – wht ?? hav u gonna mad ?? wht question  am asking to myself ? If CA is my dream          or not.Obviously its my dream thtsy I hav come into this field. Ya truly. Hey …this is jst first expression …n after 5 min there r enormous dreams to b  Psychologist ..,  MBA.., n all kinda career. Obviousl y this is not my dream career . now what?? Is that the total reality ?? the ans is big no . because if I hav no such interst in accounts  then I might not hav taken science or give a preference of commerce on science.  And  about  CA , surely I hav thought of  this even once in my lifetime .. thts y I came into this profession .i think tht alike me there r also many students who also think tht CA is not there dream career.So u also analyse like what desire had into ur  mind …tht it took u to buy the prospectus of CA.

*      Force- so wht was the force ,,tht  made me crazy to b the one in the big crowd of CA. I also know  n heard many times ..its nt so easy. there r lots of hardwork …too much of coaching n there the tiring articleship hours.when there is so much of struggle then y I need to choose such a challenging career ..y not I choose to be an MBA from any institute it wil b easily available . and the best benefit it would b done in 2 yrs.  So what could be  the reason behind tht …actually most of us choose this career because its too tough to handle , as in my case I had saw my frns losing CPT. So it was also my desire to test myself .. like can I do this ?? or would I b also fall apart ?? Bingo … YE TO CA KARNE KE BAAD HI PATA I enrolled myself into CA.

*      Confidence – ultimately confidence grown up by leaps n bound . The craze to check my own capacity.The books become interesting by itself .but what about  the most horrible subject ..MATHS . its also there . now what ?? should I take step back . didn’t I also make a mistake in choosing the same . yr my frns were too right .. it suck .  bingo yahan pe mind ye yaad dila deta hai u r here for testing urself..not for ur frns . U CAME HERE FOR URSELF.then y to b so disturbed . ur own mind says to urself  SUN YAAR CHILL MAR..hey ur mind works wonderous it find the possibilities of all defeats , the weekness which will came in the way while handling works wonders by itself . it make a gud success formula .binGo  ..cleared my CPT.

*      INTER-  ha ha .. again the same process. The same registration  n all . But this time there r nt frnds who hav already lost their attempt ,this time there r  companions , who r making strategy to crack the exam , how to complete the course , what is most toughest thing, n all kinda discussion ..

*       Personal analysis- here the mind goes with the flow, mind create the fear for exam,n start taking suggestion from others what to do or not to do .Ur own motivation ends …u become blind n follow others vision. The intiative to do anything get lost …u start suspect upon ur abilities..u wait for guidance . u want someone  should help u ..where in the first stage u were making ur own strategy to face problem waiting for others to make stategy for u .is tht work ??…. Lets see. Time passes on . following on the guidance of others our self confidence u intiative power lack ,…n  on exam day when u need to finish everything n sumup ur whole year into three hours .. its nt upto level … result >>>>>>>> FAILURE .

*      Y ?  mind get puzzled with it .. like how can it b happen .. the reason which was the success factor earlier now turned into a defeat .. the reason were like

§  Suspecting my own capacity. Bcz using other guidance is gud bt not combining with my own skills is the biggest trauma .

§  Go with flow . its totally no no .. as others doing this or that doesn’t mean tht u should also follow it. There r different ways to watch one thing …like one can see a glass ful of water where other sees it half empty.

§  Fun – the earlier was  fun where it mean to challenging the capacity . where there was  an urge to win .to prove myself to me . to achieve a new next time it had no fun.. no other heights it was jst a phase to pass over.

§  Difficulty – where the earlier difficulty of MATHS was big trauma .. here were also many. Bt this time the mind didn’t say its cool . it jst repeated it self its tough , tough tough.

§  Dream – now dream factor become more than imp ..bcz it was jst a wish to do  CA but after having so much trouble in the ways …our own mind says ..its nt my dream career . its nt the thing tht I want to achieve. The mind get diverted totally.

§  Destruction start- nothing remained which can stop destruction .on the exam day mind get totally puzzled with the question paper. The mind become blank like nothing had been read so far. Hands start what else can be happen except failure.

*      So now the whole situation is clear in mind like what is happening n y is happening .so ? Now the mind again questions to itself can still be done anything .. can still there a chance to recover ..So here the stategy starts..

§  Most interesting thing -  first choose the thing whom u r so interested n also know that very well .like in studying journal I choose SA first …too fav topic na J.

§  Break – now its time for a break from studies to make urself relax n also make urself feel tht u hav read something. Here I jst read the jokes n vastu ..article of the magazine .the student can replace it with the most easiest question they can do in their studies.

§  Tough part -  even though its tough ,,,,u still know about it a word atleast. it’s a real fact.So baby start from the searching also goes on. Time to take guidance n also exploring things to make the tough into a new n easy format journey this is the time to make ur own motive into a fun game .

§  New part- hmmm …it’s a thing. New things r always look amused .. if we take them new . don’t try to learn it. Bingo …new part also finish .

 Ab  bacha kya >>>>>Hey I   hav finished my whole magazine without getting so bored . its not that tough which I thought earlier. Just change the vision n everything will become a crystal my whole story conclusion in 2 lines can be ..