How to secure good marks in ca final sfm?

CA Parul Saxena (CA) (8457 Points)

02 February 2013  


How to Secure good marks in CA Final Strategic Financial Management?

Hello Friends…..first of all…thanks a lot for giving such a favorable response to my 1st article “How to secure good Marks in Financial Reporting?”….Now in the same parlance I would like to throw light on preparation of very very interesting subject of CA Final i.e. Strategic Financial Management.

 I know all of you would have mixed opinion on this subject for some students it is very interesting but at the same time this is not liked by other students as well. But friends I must say once you would start gripping over this subject this would become your most favourite and it may happen that you would be able to clear 1st group because of this subject by getting an exemption….So let’s start with the topic how to prepare….

Reference Material

·         S.D.Bala+Paduka (for just practicing the questions)

·         A.N.Shridhar

·         Class Notes if you have taken the coaching.

You may choose anyone of the options mentioned above. Syllabus of this subject is divided into 2 categories:-



Capital Budgeting.

Bond Valuation

Foreign Exchange Risk Management.

Mutual Fund

Portfolio Management.

Mergers and Acquisition


Dividend Policy.


Just like in Financial reporting there are some topics which carry a good weightage in every attempt and these are topics mentioned in Category A. But instead of starting with a topic containing heavy concepts start with a lighter note and very interesting topic i.e. Bond Valuation. Thereafter complete Mergers and acquisition. After accomplishing these 2 small topics swith over to a bigger one i.e. Portfolio Management. In portfolio management formulas are very important to learn.

Then complete the Mutual Fund and thereafter pick the most important topic ‘Foreign Exchange Risk Management’.

Now lets take a break….In this subject you are supposed to follow a strategy of reading a small topic after a bigger one…say if u have completed Forex then don’t start immediately with Portfolio or Capital Budgeting or Derivatives….if you would read 2 bigger topics one after another then it would be difficult to retain the concepts in mind effectively and it would be mixed up.

Now after completing Forex accomplish the Dividend policy and then Derivatives.

After completing all the 7chapters revise all of them one by one in the same order in which you have made 1st reading.

Now come on to the last topic i.e. Capital Budgeting. Friends in this chapter leasing is one of the important content wherefrom usually questions are asked. In this chapter understand the basics and you would learn the technicalities as you would move on the chapter through solving the questions of previous attempts. Try to solve more and more no. of questions of previous attempts particularly in this topic.

Theory is also important content of this subject. Just purchase Mr. Aditya Jain’s Theory booklet. It is more than sufficient else if you have purchased paduka cover previous attempts theory questions.

I have prepared in this way through self study and have secured 65 marks.

Just try to read this subject in the same manner surely you would also secure an exemption.