How to prepare for campus placements

I will be appearing for ICAI's Campus Placement this year. I have a few questions regarding the same. Firsyly, what are the type of questions generally asked in the interview? Also how do I prepare for the same? Moreover what are my chances of getting shortlisted?
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i am very young in answering this query, but we have been generally told about our teachers, that the intent of interviewer is to check your knowledge about the field you are about to admitted to.

they may ask you about the financial strategy you will choose if you are in particular situation, or about the tax rates , deductions, policies etc.

they may enquire about your ambitions,and approach towards your career, salary expectation, etc, a sort of common ques.

thanks !

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Hey Sneha.. Well m not quiet experienced in this but what I got to know about the interviews from my father as he Is the board member n also on placement desk of the MNC he is working with is that the benefit company is going to derive by hiring u. The most common question a MNC is going to ask u is what is it that u can do for the company being a CA in service that a CA in practice can't. And why should a company hire a CA like u n paying for full year rather than a CA in practice just 10 once or twice a year.

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I just shared what I knew so please consult someone who really knows n has some experience. But yes do work out on these questions as well if u think they are worth spending time on. Thanks n all the best.


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