How to improve english

CA Mani (Credit Analyst) (2804 Points)

30 October 2009  

“Language is just a medium of expression not a source of knowledge” this quote sounds true but make me confused sometimes because now a days a language called English really matters

When they say you don’t have Good communication skills it means Good Communication skills in English, when they say personality development it means personality in terms of ur knowledge of a language.

As u know majority of CA students really are not expertise in English language which includes me also and one day I was thinking that if I can clear the tough exam of CA why cant I improve English so I decided some ways for improving it , I thought I should share with you also, I will not tell Read Rapidex or join English course also because ur CA books and Coaching is also going on

So a expertise a language wants four thing Listening , Reading , Speaking & Writing


1.       For Listening I would suggest listen as many things as u can in English like News  ( it will be better u listen news on radio ) , See movies (now a days Star movies and HBO shows lyrics at bottom ),listen debates on TV etc, it will improve your accent also

2.       For Reading I would suggest make a habit of reading regularly think all know I would suggest newspaper but I wanna give one more advice give more concentration to editorial section because it will improve your debate power , in any Group Discussion they will give topic which will sure be debated by editorial section, and Read any weekly business magazines( students which have near exam need not read that), Try reading things more than once. Read something and then read it again a few weeks/months later. You should find your understanding has improved.

3.       Writing requires two things Vocabulary & Grammar. Listening & reading will improve ur vocab also and ane thing more you can write your own diary of day to day life because you will find many words which u don’t know, For grammar I will suggest when u will listen or read any sentence try to analyze its structure , make statement into questions or positive into negative etc  etc  

4.       For Speaking I will suggest only and only English environment that’s y they say join English course but  only environment can make its improved , I can suggest some ways like when I travel daily by public transport I take any character of bus in my mind and than start making essay on it instantly , I speak with my sister in English ( although both don’t know very much but we try), I try to speak with my friends also in English but after 15 minutes we again come to hindi but many people can try it ,you can try self talking also in mirror means it is endless list it depends upon person daily life

So thanks for reading this and plzz share that how can I improve more and give me more thoughts byeeeee