How to handle a typical love relation along with CA

Shraddha Tiwari (Student CA Final ) (463 Points)

04 March 2017  
how to handle a typical love relation in which there is soo much love that it will go till end but because of some problms we are facing most critical face of our relation due to which our career is getting spoiled .. we both have exams of ca final in may 17 .. we cant help ... our schedule breaks .. u never know its been 4 hrs wasted or a whole day wasted .. we both are very much capable to pass both groups in a single attempt if we dint had issues .. thtats the reason we are scared in shifting to single group .. we daily think of a better tomorrow but it never lasts for more than some hrs or maximum a single day .. we lost love we will loose career too .. nothing much to live .. god is not with us ... we are damn serious for each other thats why get hurt soo much and our career is on backseat