How to approach CA course.. tips


20 September 2011  


Type of students Join CA course


There are two type of students who Join CA course:-


a)   After graduation

b)   By writing CPT ( Before graduation)


Normally, some students will take serious about their career after completing their graduation. Late entry and some degree of struggle is common with these categories. But they are more self equipped and not find much difficult to study.


CPT students, on the other hand , have more clear about their career and will approach the course very seriously.


Medium of language


There are two categories here


a)   Students from English medium ( CBSE)

b)   Vernacular medium students


Students from English medium will perform far better than vernacular medium students.




There are two groups here


a)   Students from Rural area

b)   Students from Urban area


Students from rural area will have less exposure. Students undergoing articlship at urban area will get more exposure than those from rural area. This can be evidenced in other segment also.


But following guideline will be useful for all the above category of students.


Preparation part


Be serious with regard to preparation part. Never lag actual preparation though your exam may be after 8 month. If you approach your preparation very seriously, then, result will be more favor.


Keep away distractions


There are so many distractions which will really affect your actual preparation. Watching television excessively, excess surfing, unwanted friendship etc.


Coaching class


It is not a healthy sign to depend fully on coaching classes. Select that subject which you feel really difficult to handle.


Reference book


Try to find best reference book for the subject such as Accounts, costing and taxation. Audit, Law, IT SM, you can mange own your own. However good reference books are presently available in the market.


Apart from this, Practice manual also play good role.



You should possess adamant attitude which will help you to reach your mission very fast.


Habit of making notes and revisions


This is the fulcrum for better preparation and your presentation skills can be improved a lot. Never Ignore about revision part as such.


All the best for exam