Guyz u can dig me out of this !! HELP

Gaurav (Service) (108 Points)

10 May 2007  
Hi All,

I have really confused what to do.

I have two choices one is June US -CFA L1 for which I have studied nearly 70% of the syallabus.

[b]Second is to go for CA (India) Final May Group 2007 1 attempt for which I am yet to start.To put things in perspective ,I have just joined CA after a gap of Three years. [/b]CAN I CLEAR IN TWO MONTHS WITH NO COACHING.

Starting AIMR(USA) CFA now wld mean it requires another 2.5 years.But I can join a job after clearing level 1.
CA Final would require 1-1.5 years.HoweverI cannot work alongwith it. [/b]WhiCH ONE WLD U SUGGEST? IS CFA LEVEL 1 CARRY ANY VALUE IN INDIAN MARKET?

Thanks...( my lengthy mail itself can tell you that I am really confused)