GSTR9 (financial year 2021-22)

sona1 (MANAGER) (359 Points)

29 December 2022  

For GSTR9 (F.y. 21-22) Return For the TABLE NO. 6 (A) Total amount of input tax credit availed through FORM GSTR-3B (sum total of Table 4A of FORM GSTR-3B) show ITC 1426300.00(IGST), 306530.00(CGST), 306530.00(SGST) , Note that some ITC i.e. 4530.00(IGST),14300.00(CGST) & 14300.00(SGST) was come form Previous Year ( F.y. 20-21) as per Audit Report which utilized this F.Y. 21-22.

So F.y. 21-22 GSTR 3B come including this Previous Year(F.y. 20-21) ITC , Question is for reconciliation purpose in which column show previous year (F,y. 20-21) ITC in GSTR9???