GST R1 and GSTR 3B


20 September 2022  

I have received GST ITC from purchase  of goods.

I also have to give ITC to my customer.


As per my invoices, i have filed GST R1 giving 18%, this is true and correct.


While filing GSTR 3B, i file nil return  by mistake. So, there is no change at all in my electronic credit ledger. Not increase, not decrease.


Now, in next month, if file GSTR 3B correctly, will my GSTR1 will be still valid or do i have to prepare new one with same information prepared earlier? Or, if GSTR3B is file correctly, all the previous GSTR1 will still be valid.


Will all the ITC that i am to received  it from my supplier will be credited to my ledger account once GSTR3B is filed correctly?

Pls advice