Form 26QB excess payment and correction

Pranjal Mittal (1 Points)

21 March 2023  

Hi Folks, 

I have incorrectly submitted the form 26QB against a single seller instead of two sellers, total sale consideration was 1.80 crores and the TDS amount of 1.80lacs have been paid against a single seller. Since 31st March is year closing we wanted to see what is the quickest solution here which would not involve departmental processing but can be completed online.

Please suggest if below alternatives can work ;

1. Can we file correction in 26QB for seller 1 and then adjust the remaining amount of challan to 26QB of seller 2 if so, how? I couldn't find any option of payment through challan on 26QB page, it asks you to pay through net banking / debit card only.

2. Should we correct 26QB of seller1 and claim refund for balance challan amount. And file another 26QB to make seperate payment of tds of seller2?


Please suggest if there are any other alternatives.