Filling casual vacancy of auditor by result of resignation

prakash (Company Secretary) (1352 Points)

10 September 2015  

Dear Professional Colleagues,

The Casual vacancy in the office of auditor shall be filled by the Board of Directors within thirty days, but if such casual vacancy is as a result of the resignation of an auditor, such appointment shall also be approved by the Company at a General Meeting convened within three months of the recommendation of the Board and he shall hold the office till the conclusion of the next annual General Meeting. 

I have following querries regarding filling up vacancy of auditor as a result of resignation:

1. Does the Company require to file ADT-1 for appointment of New Auditor?

2. Does the special notice require for appointment of auditor,  who was appointed in EGM, in ensuing annual general meeting.

3. Legally it is not required to file MGT-14 within 30 days of filling the Casual vacancy in EGM, is it good practice to file form or to ignore it