Fair Market value on 1feb 2018 in case of bonus split

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04 June 2024  

In case of sale of old shares the cost of holding can be taken as Grandfathered value as on 31st Jan 2018

In the event that the said Company has issued bonus shares after 1feb 2018 then in case of sale of original shares should the fair market value be prorated or should it be kept the same without pro-rata adjustment for bonus shares?

Further in the event a Company under scheme of arrangement issues shares of a demerged division after 1 Feb 2018 then in the event of sale of the original company shares post demerger should the fair market value be pro-rated or kept as original and in the event of sale of the demerged Company shares (which was not existing as on 1feb18) should the cost of acquisition of demerged Company be taken as pro-rata of fair market value of the original company (in the ratio as per valuation report) or fair market value is to be ignored and cost of acqusition be taken as pro-rata of actual cost of original Company shares as per valuation report percentage

Hope the query as posted is understandable and if not kindly revert for clarification of query