Excess TDS refund due to inactive PAN card

Eorl Young (3 Points)

04 March 2024  

Hi all, 

I moved back to India after years abroad in Oct. Since I did not need an Aadhar card I never made one and applied for one on 4th Oct. But my Aadhar number has not been generated yet and for some reason the application is stuck in verification phase. On complaining they told me that the SLA for adults over 18 is 180 days so they cannot do anything.


Issue is that I bought a car without the Aadhar and the car seller sold it to me assuming that my Aadhar would be done by now and only deducted 1% TDS. Now they have blocked salary of the guy who sold me the car and I want to help him. 


Can I pay the excess TDS (5%) and recover the extra TDS paid (4%) if by the time I file my tax my PAN card is activated ? Because if I can I will just pay the amount and get refund in a few months.


Thanks for the help