Excess input gst not utilized as itc

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I had a debit balance of SGST on 31st March 2018 (Reflecting in the Liabilities under Duties & Taxes with debit balance). Only part of it was utilized in 2019 against ITC. How should I treat the balance which is not going to be utilized as ITC. Will it come in P&L as indirect expenses or should I adjust it against the partners' capital a/cs.



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if you are writing off in books by transferring to p&l , then on portal also it should be Nil value
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The excess of input SGST was not availed as ITC hence it wont show in portal and moreover it was not going to get availed in future as well.

If I have to write it off by transferring to P&L, what would be the entry. or Can I adjust it in the partners capital a/c. 


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