Exams may attempt whether to opt or skip

Rahul Walame (Chartered Accountant) (580 Points)

15 February 2016  

dear All, I know this is the very latetime to ask a question but I want your opinion whether I should attempt my exam in the following given circumstances a) I was subjected to huge number of outstation audits by my principal leading to no classes. b) I was cheated for SFM classes and the class suddenly discontinued have to do self study for sfm from SD Bala book. c) For leave I was getting only 3 months of leave which I denied considering both groups to given (the leave period is less very less) d) When I ask for my pre closure the tentative date fixed is 21st april. In such worst situations what could be the alternative should I opt for 1 group, if yes how should be my study plan for the same. Please guide me I need ur sincere help. Awaiting reply What should be the date if tentative date is fixed as 21st March instead.