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Examination Results - A Mixed Bag:President

shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)

30 July 2010  

The results of the latest CA Final Examination (May, 2010) and Common Proficiency Test-Paper Pencil Mode (June, 2010) are out. Overall, the results have been a mixed bag. While the results of CA Final Examination are disappointing, the results for CPT are satisfying. Nevertheless, we heartily congratulate all those who have passed the examinations. Our special compliments to the rank holders.

We are pained to take note of the poor performance in the CA Final Examination. It is a matter of grave concern for all of us. We are comprehensively analysing the results and suitable remedial measures will be taken in near future. However, students need not feel disheartened as to me the word ‘no’ means ‘next opportunity’ and the word ‘end’ means ‘efforts never die’. It seems that overdependence on private coaching, which does not meet the requirements of the changed pattern of examination, and the insensitiveness towards practical training, have also been contributory factors of the poor results. We have been constantly reiterating that students should take both their articleship training and studies more seriously. Practical training would immensely benefit the students in their examinations as well as in gaining experience. Nevertheless, we assure the students to undertake all the measures to mitigate their hardships.

At the same time, we would like to clear the myth caused by the rumours spread by various parties with vested interests with regard to release of results by ICAI based on demand and supply factors. It has never happened in the history of ICAI that a student, who is otherwise passing, has ever failed. Also, it is worthwhile to note that when economy was in the slowdown mode, the results were much better compared to the present when the economy is in much better shape. It clearly goes on to show that the results are based only on the performance of the students rather than any extraneous factors.

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Amit Gupta (Loosening Myself) (1508 Points)
Replied 30 July 2010

Now how the hell  the examiner can make out whether the student has taken coaching or not!!

Originally posted by : Amit Gupta

Now how the hell  the examiner can make out whether the student has taken coaching or not!!


From where the hell you are saying that info about coaching? Did Mr. president told you this in your ears?? Don't know why the hell you people are blaming institute????  Will they evaluate papers on your performance or by the hell way of your commenting?????

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--Read this------ Its BOS August message about recent low results and its causes:
I have discussed this matter with a large number of
Chartered Accountants including those who are
involved in the examination process and the major
issues are being outlined hereunder to act as a guide for
better future performance and to ensure success in the
ensuing CA examination:

• The depth of the knowledge of a large number of
students is shallow and is based on short notes, small
brief booklets and oral education provided in the
coaching classes in various parts of the country.

• A large number of students failed to study the “latest
edition” of the Institute’s study material, practice
manuals, RTPs, scanners and other material relevant
to the subject. It is a must to read the Institute’s
material at least 3 to 4 times and undertaking
practical solution by own hand at least 3 to 4 times
for ensuring success.

• A large number of students do not refer to text books.
Reliance on at least 1 or 2 good text books on each
subject is mandatory. It is also important to refer to
3 or 4 reference books by Indian authors as well as
foreign authors in respect of each subject for specific

• The original texts of the Institute publications i.e.
Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards,
Guidance notes and Statements should also be
carefully studied.

• The original text of the Income Tax Act, Companies
Act and other legislations should be referred while
one is studying a particular topic from the text book
and / or study material.

• The original full text of at least 15 to 20 leading
judgments in respect of taxation laws and corporate
laws should be thoroughly analyzed in order to
sharpen analytical and comprehending capabilities.
This will also develop writing skills.

• It has been noted and observed by us that all those
students who take practical training seriously and
undertake various assignments sincerely going in
to the depth of business processes, internal control,
accounting process and various other aspects of the
working of the clients’ organizations are definitely
passing in significantly larger numbers than those
who are undertaking training as a burden or who  do not go to the depth of the training up to the desired

• It may be noted that the examination committee is
committed to ensure that only those students will
pass, whose concepts are clear and who know
practical application of the concepts and laws in
various situations. The future examinations of the
Institute are going to become more and more
practical oriented.

• It is also very necessary to have in-depth knowledge
of all the concepts related to CA profession. This
will help you to have an edge over others in this
competitive world.

If every student follows, there is no reason of failing and saying everything as hell..
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Rajan Gupta (C.A. final student) (277 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

If we take the advise of BOS we'll never be able to clear the exam. The institute's module is a piece of sh*t. especially MAFA and Accounts

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Originally posted by : Rajan Gupta

If we take the advise of BOS we'll never be able to clear the exam. The institute's module is a piece of sh*t. especially MAFA and Accounts

 I don't know from which planet you belong to. Follow those advice and see your result.  By not following all the above points only students fail. Will you be able to solve any problem which i give you from that study material???? Will you be able to give certain logical conclusion which i ask you??? Its better you take that sh*t into your mouth and keep your mouth shut. If you don't know how to study CA , better do all that sh*t work of yours. Nobody is fool over their to advise in such a well laid guidelines.

Shiva Kumar (CA Final) (208 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

Friends, lets talk something decent, no sh*t words. OK.

I cleared this Final (New) with All India Rank 26. You can take my word, the Institute study material is not bad as it is projected to be.


Take Costing book and try to solve some problems. Exceptional quality and wonderful explanations of concept.


Take accounts, each and every standard are explained in detail and problems are solved extensively.


ONE MORE THING, these coaching centres came up only a decade back and all those Chartered Accountants, yes including those whom are coaching. have become so after reading Institute study materials. You ask any All India topper, he or she will say the same thing.


Yes, Institute study material contains some errors, I accept, but if you read the Institute study material properly, you will be able to find out that mistakes and correct it yourselves.


COACHING Classes are good, I have taken them. BUT IT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR you studying. Coaching classes explain to you all the concepts and works out a couple of problems to reduce your fear on the subject.


From then on, you need to do your own work. From the replies here i can see that your results are bad. Stop fuming and read your posts after some two days. Relax guys.



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Lokesh (CS professional) (493 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

All of us says, go through the study-material but tell me one thing whether the material provides enough explanation. If u use audit study material then at the end of the book you will be without results. you yourself will't be able to  understand what i did from so many days.

The question does't arise whether to study institute's material or not the question is whether you have grasp the concept or not. If the concept is with you then take any question from any damn book you will be able to solve atleast 70 to 80% of that question if not the whole.

As far as the results are concerned then i would say that in CA luck also plays an important role. For example since the course is wide enough so getting each and every concept is difficult and if you prepares 90% of your syllabus but what if institute prepares 60% of questions from the rest which you had not prepared .

The result will be shocking because that one will pass in the exam who had prepared that 10% which you had left although that lucky guy has prepared a very little from that 90% which you had prepared nicely.

So don't worry keep going.

Karthik (student) (147 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

@ Lokesh...


I saw u r a PCC student.. But i think  Auditing material for PCC is exceptionally well except that some standards on auditing are outdated..


My reply to that above person...


Subject : must read it
Message : 
How dare you say me this???? I am not a big shot as you think but i can you give you a big shot provided you are ready to face me face to face. What you think yourself? You are a mere grad cwa not even did training. Have you read material? You have judged me wrongly... I know the stuff. If you ready to face me with your knowledge.You are welcome. Open challenge . If you are a man of stuff common face me. Don't bark in pm....


I would just say, i am not dependent on any one. whatever i do,  is my own work. People like sumit mishra who have not even cleared final because of their own negligence bark like this only on pm. They don't accept their mistakes.  My question to everyone doing CA , what wrong in following those advise. I have been in touch with rankers , they never complain about ICAI.  They know the knack and are confident about clearing with their hard work. I think one rank holder Mr. Shiva kumar also supports this view in one of  his replies.

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If people read my forum replies, they will come to know the reality. I am not close to ICAI.  I have said harsh reality which many short cut takers have not liked. Their ass is burning because they are not able to face the reality. 

My open challenge is to any1 holding views of that of Sumit Mishra, Face me on knowledge front. Then i will accept that you have some stuff. Don't neglect study materials. I would just  say " bakri kya jaane maans ka swaad"" . In addition one should supplement his study with good reference books

So if sumit is ready on face, i welcome him to face me... Remember i am not a big shot but i can give big shot very nicely.

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My advise/ BOS advise won't work on people who  are already dumped in stinking sh*t. Not even to those of cheap mentality person(s) having no sense to develop themselves on knowledge front. 

No matter how many times good things are told by anyone, it won't enter thick buffalo heads. I have said many times. This type of issue will again come when PCC results are declared. 

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SUMIT MISHRA ACA, ACMA (Executive) (124 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

hey ca i am right here now we can sorted out things let chat

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