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Examination Results - A Mixed Bag:President

Page no : 2

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

Does the icai assume that we go to coaching centres to do time pass and stare at girls? We don't do self study. All of a sudden; the shallow knowledge of students has been increasing in the last 2 years , if u believe BOS's analysis.What about NIRC member saying about results moderation in a GMCS orientation(refer to linkedin post by a guy named divyasom;)?
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Ok lets discuss here .... first of all tell  me have you clear CA final and tell me the reasons for not clearing??


@ jose.. The issue of coaching centre is mere rumour. I have verified. The speech has been misinterpreted by many people. If you are competent enough to get copy of Rank holder( take 50th only) and the copy of failure, you will be able to judge tthe real worth of  student(s)

Max Payne (employed) (2569 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

Dear CA Student...


Please clear the exam first before you praise the effectiveness of the material.

I will support that Materials are good for some subjects,


but you must note that the material does not make too much sense for subjects like AMA or SFM or ISCA, because they are merely Cut copy paste from Foreign books, with limited background reference. Only for the practical subjects like Accounts, Law, audit i can understand something from the material.


Yes Tax is perpetually outdated, but change is not an excuse for students, they just gotta get a book to compliment their studies.


But pls dont use cheap language. You are just degrading your own image.

Right now every person who saw this thread thinks you are a ... no guesses..


Like I said, Please clear the exam first before you praise the effectiveness of the material.


Mr. Sumit Mishra


I am waiting for your reply to my above post... I have come here since you want me to say the truth. Be quick..


My basic question to every1 here.... What is the difference between Funds From operations and operating profit??





Why do you create CRR at the time of redemption of preference shares???


Reply quickly.... to judge your worth...


@ lucifer....


I am here to correct the wrong picture of ICAI. Anyone who has degraded the qulity of CA , reply to my above question and read my various forum replies.... Don't do any copy paste from anywhere.. Then i will put 10 question to make me satisfied...


Pls be quick as i have very less time to spent here... I will be able to wait for another 5 mins..


Ok Sumit Mishra has not turned up... No probs...  As of now i am signing off as i am also busy with client filings... So join you later or after i reach my station....

Robin (AUDITOR) (854 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

why this ICAI president AGC barking on final year students now ? He is looking  short cut for great publicity ! Where did his advices went during those days when UPA/TNM etc were on the chair ?

CA. Vasundhara Sharma (article) (67 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

  1. ICAI has become a money minded Institute.
  2. It is keeping the CPT passing result very high so that it gets huge funds in the form of fees.
  3. Parents whose child clears the CPT are  extremely happy.
  4. They think that now their child will become a CA as they presume that just like after clearing CPMT or PET a child definitely becomes a doctor or an Engineer respectively. Has anyone heard a student once admitted in a MBBS or Engineering course never passing through.
  5. Here in the case of ICAI the students are in for  a rude shock. After clearing CPT clearing the CA Final may prove to be a dream never to be fulfilled . One may never be able to clear the CA Final exam.
  6. Have you ever heard of Section 39 of Chartered Accountants Regulations Act 1988 which gives special powers to ICAI to REVISE THE MARKS of the students. The hidden meaning is that the ICAI can on its own free will decrease the marks of students. No one can challenge them.
  7. Ever thought about the examiners checking our numerical papers. They are so intelligent that they can give you only 50 % marks even when your whole answer is perfectly correct.
  8. The ICAI is always afraid to show us our answer books under RTI Act because they don’t want us to know the manner in which our answer books are being evaluated by the examiners and also how the real marks awarded to us are being decreased.
  9. The ICAI is our GOD . It can do no wrong. Even in cases where ICAI announces that AS 30,31 and 32 are not in course for the May 2010 Final (New) and in the exam it gives a full question of 18 marks in the Accounting paper.
  10. Our revered ICAI notifies that SEBI guidelines are not in course but again in the paper of Corporate Law gives a question of 6 marks.
  11. The above examples show that ICAI is very much concerned about its brand image that they are equal to god, as far as future of students is concerned.
  12. The previous years results were good as compared to this year. We can say that the present years results are the worst.
  13. The only  option is to approach the Courts for showing us our answer books.
  14. We can also  go to Hon’ble Supreme Court or Hon’ble High Court to get the Section 39 of Chartered Accountants Regulations Act 1988 declared  as being unconstitutional, against public policy, against the Right to Education under the disguise of which the ICAI is playing havoc with the future of the students.
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Mohit Jangid (Article) (141 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

the activities of any business is classifies as:

Ordinary & extra ordinary activities.

Ordinary activity is further classified as operating and non-operating activities

Non-operating is further classifies as financing & investing activity.

I presume that u know the meaning of all dese terms.

FFS showns the source and use of working cap. b/w 2 b/s dates.

Hence we can say that ffs shows the reason of change in working capital of the firm.

ffo are the funds provided by the regular activities of the firm.

The profit reported in income statement is not always equal to ffo.

This difference is because sale, purchase & expenses are not always undertaken in cash ( non compliance of accrual concept by )


if i m wrong pls correct me

Mohit Jangid (Article) (141 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

the purpose of creation of crr in red. of ps is to intact capital maintainance ( ask me if word is not clear, i m nt rude)


other reason is it safeguard the creditors of the company..( how..itna to pata hoga..dividend )

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Mohit Jangid (Article) (141 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

and i agree wid all the points referred by


please let me all reference book u referred.. :)

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mady (student) (64 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

i challenge anyone who says that ICAI's  module are good for studies - 

use DT & IDT modules and try getting passing marks :P 

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