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Examination Results - A Mixed Bag:President

Page no : 4

Originally posted by : Mohit Jangid

i agree wid u ca student...

good professional can create dis profession noble..

but bhai agar office mai mujhe kaise aur kisko paise khilane sikhaya jai to kaisa lagta hai..i hate  professionals becz of dese..

dy dont giv stipend ..

dese r some low grade problems..icai shd come up to reduce dn..dy shd be more concerned abour students to

Yes Mohit , I acknowledge your concern. Its because of this Satyam scandal happened. ICAI has already taken enough measures to take action as per CA Act, 1949. Even they have brought some sections in new draft of Companies Act. There is also a proposal which is being looked into , i.e. adopting empanelment  scheme in case of Companies Audit. This type of scheme is already in case of Bank Audit. All this is for providing independence to Auditors. 


But at the end of day integrity  matters( basic principle of an Auditor). No matter how much you put restrictions, one greedy crow will always come up... 

CA Kingsley (Audit Manager) (470 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

Non one is hesitating?? Ha ha ha!!Just ask icai employees regarding procedure for obtaining xerox copies of marksheet. Court held that ICAI should provide the xerox copy under right to infomation act. Does it bind the court order?? Hell no. The will tell you clearly that they cant give answer sheets and will ask u to file appeal if required. And hey difficulty is not excuse for not giving the results.It is their duty. Even ca exams are difficult. Will they let u pass just because the paper was set tough??


Ok tomorrow you conduct all CA exams on pan India Basis including abroad. You should conduct in a fair manner. Adopt all procedures from apointing Indian Army to sort out papers to having tie ups with every bank to store papers. All this happens. If you are not aware of detailed procedure to conduct any CA exam, then i can't help you out. Moreover, Providing Answer copies is not in CA regulations Act. If any one wants he can come through RTI route. Mind you ICAI has always complied with RTI orders. Please see details of proceedings and do not depend on rumours floating here and there. I am not any spokesperson Of ICAI , i am aware of its proceedings. I can't say much to convince you.


If you want to see papers , see papers of Rankholders( its there available at HQ , No RTI required, its one person named Saravana Prasath, author of many padhuka books) and then get paper of any other student of his batch through RTI. You will be able to feel the difference and will be able to estimate the standard of CA....

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CA Kingsley (Audit Manager) (470 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

I would really appreciate if you could post a link - containing an article or any comment that ICAI has complied with RTI judgement. Thanks in advance. I would be really happy person if ICAI complies with RTI. How do you know about the procedure icai conducts for evaluating papers? And if you know the procedure adopted for valuing exam papers, y dont you tell public?? IT will certainly help a lot in making people appreciate ICAI is fair!!!


I am really fed up to explain you all the real demand of CA(quality). Now i will not say much. Already i have spoken much. 


The main conclusion is follow BOS message and then see your results. Without that don't blame ICAI. Study well means study conceptually by preparing your own concise notes. 


All The Best,

CA Kingsley (Audit Manager) (470 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

I know  Mr Saravana prasad very well and i am his student. I know he is a very smart and intelligent person. He is extraordinary. I also know people as smart as him who dont qualify. That exactly is the discrepancy i cant tolerate 

CA Kingsley (Audit Manager) (470 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

ha ha ha. u gave up. u cant provide the link where u can prove icai complied with RTI. So u were telling procedures are fair, icai is compling with RTI without any proof. And i am also feeling you dont understand the practical issue. I am conscous that there cant be consensus among us. Let members and students decide what is truth from among the discussions!!! I herewith achieved my objective. Thanks for your time - CA Student.

Originally posted by : CA Kingsley

I would really appreciate if you could post a link - containing an article or any comment that ICAI has complied with RTI judgement. Thanks in advance. I would be really happy person if ICAI complies with RTI. How do you know about the procedure icai conducts for evaluating papers? And if you know the procedure adopted for valuing exam papers, y dont you tell public?? IT will certainly help a lot in making people appreciate ICAI is fair!!!

You all don't study rest all things you are ready to do. When BOS has already laid down clear cut guidelines to study, why you people don't adopt it. Stop worrying about results, if you are serious enough to study in that mode. No shortcut in CA  please ... Everybody knows What ICAI wants in answer copy. Thing is that no one accepts harsh reality. If anyone is not aware, read examiner comments carefully in suggested answers and go through interviews of Rankholders.


Go ask the student whether He/she has  got his/her copy  or not. Moreover, all compliance documents is not available on public domain. If you want go and ask ICAI , they will surely help you out. If you are not able to get it, drop me a msg when you go to Delhi ICAI office. There are no links on net for compliance, only RTI order is there. Hope you got my point..


Now don't argue and prove your smartness . Better read CA journals and other magazines to be updated in your field(this thing you did not replied when i posed it)....

Shiva Kumar (CA Final) (208 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010


I am asking you all only one question here. This is just a hypothetical question.


If you want destroy somebody, lets even say for argument sake kill it, which option would you choose,


Option 1: Illiegal Option or

Option 2: Legal Option.


I will definitely choose legal option. There was a period in the International trade when GOLD was smuggled (take any 1970s, 1980s movie). But now, each person is personally entitled to carry, if I am not wrong, 5 kgs of gold. Now, gold smuggling is out of fashion.


I hope, you are getting the point, while there is perfectly legal option which is easy and convenient why would you choose the illegal option.


LETS SEE, if the Institute wants only say 5% as pass percentage and the actual results turns out to be 20%, what would the Institute do???????


Lets for one moment assume, they randomly cut marks and reduce it to 5%. Lets see what are the consequences.


If you get your paper by RTI, Which is currently under some dispute, what will happen to the Institute, it will be in a soup.


So what CAN The INSTITUTE do, simple

  1. Ask one of the most difficult Consolidation, amalgamation and valuation question and one accouting standard question which almost none Knows.
  2. Ask some brilliant quetion in MAFA
  3. Auditing - Test from hitherto untested area for some 40 marks
  4. Law - Just ask those section which are never tested but are within syllabus for some 35 marks
  5. Costing - Already fail - Simply ask 150 marks question for 100 marks
  6. MICS / ISCA - Just ask question from study material and give strict instruction that only exact answers be given mark
  7. DT - always tough

Now, you see, by doing this and following a strict correction pattern, the pass percentage can only touch 5%.



The risky option of revising the marks or perfectly legal option of making the paper toughest.


Wake up, the Last May 2010 paper was the toughest in the past six years ( I AM All India 26th Rank, I have done some serious research).


Sometimes only one or two papers are tough, but last time all the EIGHT Papers were on mark, superb standard.


The Institute has simply raised its bar, it has taken the easier and legal route. By setting paper tough, even Supreme Court cannot interfere in paper setting. Its easy boss.


This is what, I would do, if I was BoS and I think this is was most would if they werr the president.


So wake up, close CAclubindia and start studying.




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Yes Shiva , you are right....


I posed 2 simple questions, nobody replied except Mohit Jangid. This shows where they stand. Max. were opposing for the sake of opposing. They are not able to think on a larger issue which ICAI is demanding , i.e. creation of quality professionals.

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I personally say there is no marks manipulation on negative side. Ask those students who have passed with grace marks. The grace marks is known by this symbol(<)

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I think much has been spoken by me and other members. Main point is study well and do not blame anyone for your failure. No one can undermine you, without your consent. If one student is not studying as required in CA, then surely he will fail.

Mohit Jangid (Article) (141 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

i totally agree with shiv kumar sir and ca student sir..


icai has full rite to raise the standards...boss financial statement ko attest karne ka rite president ko bhi nahe hai.. so y should icai dont raise there standard..

i am not going on any author directly..but we all read only one book in as...and we leave the most important point..bare standard, asi, opinion of expert advisory committee...and dn we say ppr bhaut tuff tha..

admire the excellence of icai rather proving it wrong..becz its the apex institution 

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