Dreams and it's fullfillment procedure

shubham (CA FINAL NOW ) (138 Points)

02 August 2011  

                                  DREAM AND IT'S FULLFILLMENT PROCEDURE 

1. DREAM-    :)

It is a part of everyone life . Everone see the dreams according to their lifestyles . As it is said that dreams that " sapne unke hi pure hote hai jo sapne dekhte hai ", so everyone should see it , but it should have some connection with reality so it can be come true . Ever student see the dream to get good maks and become successfull person in their life .


After seeing the dream the student should share their dream with their parents , so that they can know that what their son\daughter want to do in their life . Student should make them understand their logic behind their dream to the parents , once parents agrees then it make easy to get the dream .


3. Promise -

After that promise yourself that you will do hard work to make the dream come true . promise yourself that  you will do all the possible things to get the success with honesty . 

4. Work honestly -

Now the time to do the ulimate work , in case of student now its time to study , so do it honestly .  This should not happen that i will read  something tomorrow and the tomorrow never come .

5.Testing period -

In every person life testing period  will come , in student life it's EXAMTIME .  In exams many students get tensioned , so don't  take any tension just think its the time come in which i get the chance to show everyone that what i am and what can i do .  Never do two thing in exam period that reading till late night s and keeping the book even at examination hall and continue reading , avoid these two things


In everone life result come , like for a employee its result of its presentation result , in student life its exams result . so in student case , just be confident and think that i did all the hard work and result will come in my favour and success will kiss my feet . Enjoy the  grand success . :)