Dos and Don'ts - Issue of Securities

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๔€€น Read the Prospectus/ Abridged Prospectus and carefully note:
๔€€น Risk factors pertaining to the issue.
๔€€น Financials of the issuer.
๔€€น Object of the issue.
๔€€น Outstanding litigations and defaults, if any.
๔€€น IPO Grading.
๔€€น Basis of issue price.
๔€€น Business Overview.
๔€€น Background of promoters
๔€€น Instructions before making application.
๔€€น In case of any doubt/problem, contact the compliance officer named in
the offer document.
๔€€น In case you do not receive share certificate or credit to demat account
or refunds of application money, lodge a complaint with compliance
officer of issuer company and post issue lead manager as stated in the
offer document.
๔€€ธ Do not fall prey to market rumours.
๔€€ธ Do not go by any implicit/explicit promise made by any one.
๔€€ธ Do not invest based on bull run of the market index/scrips of other
companies in same industry/issuer company.
๔€€ธ Do not bank upon the price of the shares of the issuer company to go
up in the short run.

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Good suggestion for investor. sir i have one doubt reagarding online "c" form befor submit to department i want to delete the document is there any option.

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Do's and Don'ts In The Stock Market

Let’s introduce do’s and don’ts of investing:

Most of us have our own perception of investment based on our experiences, but also tend to be confused with the opinions given by others. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of the stock market would help us turn really as a smart investor.



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This is great!! All invest/traders should read this before any investment!


This is great!!

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1. Do: A ton of research.
2. Don't: Try to time the market

3. Do: Diversify your investments.
4. Don't: Invest according to emotion.
5. Do: Pay very close attention to fees.
6. Don't: Wait.
7. Do: Maintain cash savings.



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