dont know what to do?

Aditi (Student) (58 Points)

08 February 2011  

i gave my 3rd attempt for my second group..and still not cleared. i do good in Infomation tech, and some how i can do inc tax but costing & fm is getting harder to me...

i don't know what should i do exactly with cost & fm and with inc tax.

with cost & fm & inc tax i don't know what i should memorize and what i shouldn't. if i try to solve new problems or even the old ones and i don't get the correct answer i panick and conclude that my concept is no clear. if i get to the concept it seems understandable. but still i don't know what to do about it...when i try to solve the problems on the paper while i practice i get lost i don't realise from where i shld start solving... i guess sometimes i try to memorize it...i knw its wrong with problems bt i can't help it sometimes ..pls someone give me some way...i just don't know what to do? m kind of lost...i just keep thinking that i won't understand it...

pls help me..give me some guidelines about costing & how to study it..literary..