DIN- check whether PAN details given or not.

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As all of you are aware about circular by MCA to inform PAN of every Director/Person holding Director Identification Number (DIN) up to 31st May, 2011, if not informed/furnished earlier at the time of applying DIN by such Director .

Then the problem is being faced that how to check that such Director had furnished PAN at the time of applying DIN or not?

You may just enter the DIN of such Director in blank Form No. 1A in entry no. 14 , if the PAN of such Director is reflecting in column for PAN then same had been mentioned at the time of applying DIN , otherwise you need to file DIN-4 with MCA for informing the PAN of such Director to MCA within the time specified by the said circular i.e. 31st May, 2011.

The said circular is attached herewith for your ready reference.

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Good info.  Thanks
However, can anyone let me know what is the consequence of not filing DIN4 to update PAN info. There is no provision in Companies Act that a person needs to have a PAN to be a Director in a Company. What if a person does not have a PAN and is not required to have a PAN - like an agriculturist.

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Ankur-Dont you think MCA is issuing notifications to show its presence only. They have mentioned that filing fee will be NIL for DIN 4, then why pre-certification ? what the professional to pre-certify when the PAN is verified in the system itself.

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Download Form 1A and enter DIN, if already PAN provided means the PAN shown there otherwise incometax box should be blank. I found this way,

If any other method also there please me know.

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Also, this information has not come in the form of a notification. It is merely a department circular! Do we have any related notification from DIN cell?

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I humbly want to say..

@ Santosh - DIN4 filing for PAN is to verify every director have only one DIN no and persons alloted DIN is real individual. Filing of DIN 4 is a very simple procedure..

@ P.V. Menon- Consequences and penalty are really always required for compliances.

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Thanks for the info.

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U can also confirm about PAN filing by getting your DIN application on following Link. 





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@ Nidhi - This link shows only DIN approval status and nothing relating to filing of PAN..

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Thank you sir for the information..



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