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Dadagiri treatment for ICAI - Send flowers

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Ranjan (student) (24 Points)
Replied 26 July 2010


Bro, PCC/IPCC has total fees of around Rs.25000/- per student. So better the CPT pass % more the treasury. and.. hope u understood the unspoken(unwritten) words.

Also, How will they show that they control the ICAI- they r the 1 who enjoy absolute power.

G!rdhar! Jang!d (Tax Consultants ) (680 Points)
Replied 28 July 2010

flower bechane ka dhanda acha hai

sowmya (student) (27 Points)
Replied 29 July 2010

Originally posted by : Faiz Ahmed

Originally posted by : sahil schroff

ashish some people believe their beloved institute can do no wrong, that's why!

Its not the question of loving the institute or not.
Even if I agree for 1 moment that result have been manipulated, which many people say that ICAI has got powers to do so BUT.....

Do I agree that ICAI did this to spoil the business of coaching. Nobody is such a big fool to comment like this on public forum. Will you after doing a wrong thing come out and confess. Only a fool of 1st degree will do that. What he will get by passing such comments?? Leave aside all emotions and Knee-jerk reactions, ICAI believes in quality and I believe its being delivered through its exams.  Many people comment its because of ICAI policy , I have not cleared. To talk bluntly, they are merely hiding their mistakes/failure. When some people passed they sing song for ICAI. When they fail, all sort of lame excuses will come out and people will appreciate that.

Why people who fail don’t think they are not upto mark or they don’t have quality. They should think how to be in that 3% or 10% criteria, rather than shifting blame to others. There are many CA’s who have qualified who are not aware of AS according to expectation. I am pointing towards those who have cleared in more no. of attempts. May be even 1st attempter are not aware.Its because of not learning properly they fail. Just see the paper of a ranker, how well its presented. Many people have got 100 in Accounts in CA, how wonderful the paper looks. Its just how we work on certain things helps rather than crying over your mistakes by shifting the blame. Its all about continously learning..

When a paper is over for CA, many people discuss it(good habbit)… but I am sure after that paper only they know their real worth. Please don’t talk about B.com, its like estimating goodwill by simple avg. method. The real worth / value is known by intrinsic method. This intrinsic method is used in CA. ICAI was formed to create professionals(many people have forgotten),  and not to equal the balance machine with that of B.com.

I am not against coaching, but I am against spoon feeding. Many students what they do is just do some sums of some famous faculty and try to vomit it in exams, though that vomitting sensation may even not come in CA exams. One should make his own notes and not merely download/ copy it from someone. By not making notes , one is locking his brain with godrej locks. Learning is much more than that. Real learning lies in self-study only. No doubt it takes time, but the real thinking power comes out. Its good to learn some concepts from good faculty…. Unfortunately, many coaching places are for money only. Thousands of students will be dumped in one single room like grains. There what happens, many young boys will be much more aware than me. I have seen so many fantastic and mind blowing personality on CCI from whom I have learnt something. If you ask them from where they got so much knowledge, they will tell , its through self exploration of subject with some help from good faculty. Join coaching to learn something not to depend upon them. One should be only dependent on  capabilities of his brain(use it). All great things were explored through mind only. Be a good observer.

I would just say – One should work sincerely towards his/her goal. Rest leave it to God.  Real Knowledge is never a waste. There is no use cribbing against CA Amarjit Chopra or any one else. Crib only when you are able to say that you have done to the best of your ability according to the demands of CA course(Quality is the key word).

Nobody is playing with us. Its we who play with our career. Knowing very well what CA course needs, still we don't work accordingly. No one should worry about the Economy now. Dr. Manmohan Singh is there to take care of it. He or India needs quality professionals and not any half baked pastry. India would love to have knowledgeable CA's  along with integrity. They don't need any CA to bring any ASATYAM to our nation. 

My kind request to everyone, think over it. Just introspect what wrong has been done by each one of us and what we can do to correct it in practical manner. I am not sorry to make the above comments as sorry has become a license to do wrong thing. I am sure whatever i said is true and correct.(keeping my hand on my heart) 

hai faiz,

I would like to agree with you. you have given very valuable points, which are to be noted by every CA student. Everyone is always ready to blame others, but its a real truth 1st we have to see," what is our mistake?".

I would really thankyou for such a an excellent thought.




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Aparna (job) (24 Points)
Replied 29 July 2010

if ICAI study materials were excellent., no student  will feel the need to join coaching classes. But sadly dats not the case.  if nov 2009 results were bad then may 2010 is worse. why cant ICAI show some consistency in pass %. why this huge fluctuation in result . i think its high time dat ICAI became more transparent. Otherwise the students have evry right 2 believe dat a nexus exists between ICAI & coaching classes/authors/book publishers etc

CA. Vasundhara Sharma (article) (67 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

  1. ICAI has become a money minded Institute.
  2. It is keeping the CPT passing result very high so that it gets huge funds in the form of fees.
  3. Parents whose child clears the CPT are  extremely happy.
  4. They think that now their child will become a CA as they presume that just like after clearing CPMT or PET a child definitely becomes a doctor or an Engineer respectively. Has anyone heard a student once admitted in a MBBS or Engineering course never passing through.
  5. Here in the case of ICAI the students are in for  a rude shock. After clearing CPT clearing the CA Final may prove to be a dream never to be fulfilled . One may never be able to clear the CA Final exam.
  6. Have you ever heard of Section 39 of Chartered Accountants Regulations Act 1988 which gives special powers to ICAI to REVISE THE MARKS of the students. The hidden meaning is that the ICAI can on its own free will decrease the marks of students. No one can challenge them.
  7. Ever thought about the examiners checking our numerical papers. They are so intelligent that they can give you only 50 % marks even when your whole answer is perfectly correct.
  8. The ICAI is always afraid to show us our answer books under RTI Act because they don’t want us to know the manner in which our answer books are being evaluated by the examiners and also how the real marks awarded to us are being decreased.
  9. The ICAI is our GOD . It can do no wrong. Even in cases where ICAI announces that AS 30,31 and 32 are not in course for the May 2010 Final (New) and in the exam it gives a full question of 18 marks in the Accounting paper.
  10. Our revered ICAI notifies that SEBI guidelines are not in course but again in the paper of Corporate Law gives a question of 6 marks.
  11. The above examples show that ICAI is very much concerned about its brand image that they are equal to god, as far as future of students is concerned.
  12. The previous years results were good as compared to this year. We can say that the present years results are the worst.
  13. The only  option is to approach the Courts for showing us our answer books.
  14. We can also  go to Hon’ble Supreme Court or Hon’ble High Court to get the Section 39 of Chartered Accountants Regulations Act 1988 declared  as being unconstitutional, against public policy, against the Right to Education under the disguise of which the ICAI is playing havoc with the future of the students.

Ranjan (student) (24 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010



I like ur points.

and u know wat.. if v challenge Sec 39.. we'll surely win. its not only unconstitutional, its arbitrary and without any justification behind it. its against law of natural justice. also against the main goals and objectives of ICAI and any educational institute.

U people know that in USA there are 2 separate bodies: 1. is which prepares CPAs and other is that which keep the control of profession. 

But in India.. everything is being done by ICAI. I think its high time to separate the functions of 2 natures into two bodies!

CA Priya (CA ) (408 Points)
Replied 31 July 2010

Originally posted by : Faiz Ahmed
Mr. Ajay,

Kindly provide with a proof for the statement made by CA Amarjit Chopra.

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