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Dadagiri treatment for ICAI - Send flowers

Try conversing with anyone who was there at the Convocation Ceremony

The Whole of Delhi is aware of this now..... and how can someone even spread such a huge rumour without any proof....

And everyone knows ICAI is against teachers... They've even forced teachers to stop teaching after 10 AM... There is certainly some truth in the above statement

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Ajay k

Ajay k (Consultant)     24 July 2010

At the Recently concluded Convocation Ceremony, the esteemed President of our Institute - Shri Amarjeet Chopra has said that


Now the Question the whole CA Students Fraternity is asking is-What is the proof that all those who've passed didnt take Coachings and those who didnt clear took Coachings?"

The Best part is...its those same coaching classes who still publicize every year that...this rank student studied here and there...

ICAI is trying reverse psychology i guess....but its back firing badly....more and more students are joining coaching classes.....and they are here to stay...If ICAI materials were updated... regularly and given in a timely manner, y wud people want to go for coaching classes?? Most of the time we go to the regional office, they say material is out of stock...or out of print.. I am sure one day ICAI will learn a lesson....What goes around comes around....They just shot themselves in the foot...Students are so frustrated and harassed....they have been pushed to the limits...If this continues...im sure there will be an uprising...and the people at the helm of affairs better beware....

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Ajay k

Ajay k (Consultant)     24 July 2010

checkout this video....

Brothers in arms.....

out to destroy the lives of the students.....
Many thought that they didn't see eye to eye and had severe ego issues.....

But looking at video....it tells a different story....i guess there is some competition out there to see which President destroyed the most number of lives......or who is going to give the least pass %.....

Faiz Ahmed

Faiz Ahmed ( Article Trainee)     24 July 2010

Mr. Ajay,

Kindly provide with a proof for the statement made by CA Amarjit Chopra.

Ashish Ojha

Ashish Ojha (Chartered Accountant)     24 July 2010

It is very Disappointing.. ICAI boasts of its competence and all that... this is unprofessional way... Improve study material, conduct coaching, improve morale of students, and give competition to private coachings...

Why These Measures??

Faiz Ahmed

Faiz Ahmed ( Article Trainee)     24 July 2010

I am waiting for your reply to my above post. Everyone should believe the above statement of CA Amarjit Chopra only when a solid proof is given to rely upon, otherwise its not wise to give your precious comments.

Ashish Ojha

Ashish Ojha (Chartered Accountant)     24 July 2010

Originally posted by : Faiz Ahmed

I am waiting for your reply to my above post. Everyone should believe the above statement of CA Amarjit Chopra only when a solid proof is given to rely upon.

This is a confirmed news.. In CA Circles of Delhi this news was very much discussed on 22nd itself.. this is a very controversial line given by Mr. President.. I am Surprised why it took 2-3 days delay to come here on caclubindia..

Ajay k

Ajay k (Consultant)     24 July 2010

I took the quote from the CA Club Facebook page ...



Faiz Ahmed

Faiz Ahmed ( Article Trainee)     24 July 2010

Mr Ashish Ojha, 

How can a President of ICAI come on public platform and comment all this??? Think over it.... Its not that easy to make this statement, especially when no ICAI official has accepted the mark manipulation on any fora. I think this is result of a misinterpretation of his statement.

I would like to make one more thing clear that here in CCI many people made comments about 33% of reservation for women...  Many member said what they felt like without taking care to listen to original words of Salman Khurshid.   His main motive was 33% reservation in council of ICAI, which i think is not a bad idea.. His Idea was not in support of any reservation in exams or other thing. Today only i have seen the original speech of Salman Khurshid. telecasted on CNBC TV-18.

So my point is when someone comes out to make a point , He/She should check authenticity and correctness of his views. 

Faiz Ahmed

Faiz Ahmed ( Article Trainee)     24 July 2010

Originally posted by : Ajay k

I took the quote from the CA Club Facebook page ...



How to believe this??? Many people comment on Facebook . They will also comment on passing percentage(CPT and other levels --- 50% idea in each subject), but has it happened till date. Facebook is a platform where only comments pour in (God Knows from where). If everyone starts relying on these comments, only more comment will be dumped. I think then there will be no need to see any well authenticated news on any other channel


The above statement of CA Amarjit Chopra(ON FACEBOOK) is well fabricated and is a result of rumour mongering.

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Ajay k

Ajay k (Consultant)     25 July 2010




Dear Faiz,

Belief is a subjective matter. Its upto you whether to believe it or not. I really wud not want to believe that the President made such a statement.....

But the circumstances of the situation is such that.....there is a high possibility that he could have made that statement....coz

1. Its a well known fact that the ICAI is dead against coaching classes.

2. Its well known now to most students that the ICAI does have the power regulate the results as per its will and fancies. And such power is granted by the govt. u/s 39(2) of CA Regulation 1988. On what basis the results can be revised....well.....nobody knws....its as per the councils discretion...

3. The result trends in the last 4 attempts...does add some weightage to the thought of result manipulation.

4. The quote was posted by the Moderators of the CA Club FB community(12,000+ members) and not by some stranger.

Taking into account all these, there is a high probability that the quote of Mr.Chopra could be true...

Its up to you to believe it or not....

Ashish Ojha

Ashish Ojha (Chartered Accountant)     25 July 2010

I also watched that Salman Khurshid Statement at CNBC TV-18.. He was definitely saying for Reservation for Women.. there is no dout about it

The statement of ICAI President has been said true by most respected members in Delhi.. Why will they say lie? They are at prestigious positions, why will they say it?

It is upto you.. Believe it or not

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