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Nitin Grover (CS) (1228 Points)

26 May 2010  


Funny (yet very interesting) on CompanySecretaries, credits to the author. Just felt like sharing with CS friends. Life is all about the approach or view points, enjoy... & win the world!

Banner in front of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India ....

"Drive slowly, don't kill our students.... . leave them to us...."

What is CS?

Foundation-Alpenlibe- Ji lalchaye raha na jaye.


Intermdiate- Dimag ki batti jala de.


Trainee-Kinetic- Sabki hawa nikal de.

FINAL-Chlormint- Dubara mat poochna.


Membersip-jhoom barabar jhoom

We had many options to end our life
Poison, Sleeping pills, Hanging,
Jump from building, Sleep under a train..
But we choose the bravest... Education (CS).

Aansu aa jate hai aankho me rone se pehle,
Har khawab tut jata hai sone se pehle!
Kya hai CS ye to samajh gaye,
Kash koi rok leta admission hone se pehle.

Are you-
Emotionally Numb?
Creatively Challenged?
Artistically Void?
Socially Outcast?
Congratulations You are a CS Student!!

Teacher: Osama has 5 wives and 20 Children,
Laloo has 1 wife and 9 children. Who is better?
CS Student: all are redundant......merge all u/s 391-394 of the Cos. Act, 1956.





Irritating compliances, Fighting on complicated issues,
Everyday classes, Dangerous boss,
More expenditure, avg. stipend,
People call it Training, We call it LIFE.

CS on his death bed:
My wife, are you here?
"Yes dear"
My daughter, are you here?
"Yes dad"
My son, are you here?
"Yes dad"
"Yes SIR"
Abey fir OFFICE me kaun hai...................aur mera corporate law ka gutkha??????????

Upcoming horror movies in CS:
-The Worthing Trainee
-Khatarnak syllabus
-B.L. ka badla
-2nd group ki pyas
-Khooni result 
(soon to be out on 25th August 2010 @ 12 noon)
-Wo aakhri attempt


-corporate governance(the mystery)

Kash koi "Exam Result" ka insurance kara deta,
To har exam ke pehle premium bharwa dete,
Pass hote to thik hai,
Varna insurance claim karva lete.

Ye India ka CS hai bidu,
40 mile to tali bidu,
Attempt lage to gali bidu,
Hua exempt to bole jhakhas,
39 lage to satyanash,
Pass ho to thaat hai,
Fail ho to vaat hai.

5 Years
50 Laws
500 Lectures
5000 Practicals
50000 Sections
500000 Rules
A normal human being can't bear it.
The remaining abnormals are called

CS gaali de to kya dega?
Saale 383A ka non compliance,
SEBI ki penalty,
paidaishi subsidiary,
Undischarged Insolvent,
297 ke violation, 295 ke loan, 372A ki guarantee,
Itna marunga ki WINDING UP ho jayega.

Keep enjoying...