Cs related query/dillema

CS Chaitanya Pol (Company Secretary) (29 Points)

08 June 2015  

Respected elder members of the group and dear friends.

I have a query or say I’m in dilemma about my career and future prospects, so I need your view and guidance hope u all will give little guidance.

I had cleared 3grups of CS professional examination and 1 left group (2nd) given in this June attempt, I had given all my best efforts  in the examination, and have MBA(Finance) Degree, but it is from Sikkim Manipal Distance Education.

So my query/ dilemma are if I not able to get clear what options left to me in future. My training is going to complete starting of next month,

Did will get any job in compliance department of company on the basis of Cs pass qualification, or should I have to leave Cs course, and search job in other field like Marketing etc.