CPE Hours for New Members

Suraksha (-) (39 Points)

10 December 2009  

Hi All,

I jgot enrolled as a member of ICAI in Jul 2009 and I am not holding COP. Can anyone guide me as to the following:

1) Is a new member exempted from completing min.10 CPE hours in his first year of membership?

2) In my case, am I still required to complete 45 CPE hours in the time left out of 3yr rolling period 2008-2010 ie. in 2009 & 2010 or am I supposed to complete hours pro rata to my period of membership ie.45*Days between Jul2009 and Dec2010?

Please reply as 2009 Year end is nearing and I would have to complete the CPE hours requirement for 2009 accordingly.