COP and employment in CA firm (proprietorship) and doing accounts/tax work for own separate clients

Vikash Gupta (1 Points)

29 April 2022  

I got my membership no from ICAI. Currently I have 3 part-time accounts clients and other GST returns clients and part-time income from a CA firm (which is a proprietorship firm).

Now I want to get COP.

Can I join as employee of proprietorship CA firm alongwith COP?

Do I need to take permission from ICAI to continue accounts/tax works of my own clients (its less than 8 hours per week for all clients).

Or Do I need to route my clients receipts through above CA firm?

Will it be eligible in getting FCA?

190A says about non-accountancy work, since these are accountancy works in own name, will these be prohibited for employee CA at firm having COP.