Change the world



Everyone wants to change the way world is.


Everyone wants to see the world happy.


But no one realises that.,

To make this world a happy place to live.,


You have to change yourself - your heart;

... and not the world...............


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Maintain Positive Thoughts because …..


Thoughts become your Words…..


Words become your Behavior…..


Behaviors become your Habit…..


Habits become your Values…..


AND Values become your Destiny….


From Thoughts to Destiny – Simple and Powerful – This inspiring quote can change our life. A thought has the potential to alter our destiny. Many a times when looking for a change, we look outside to change things . However let us not forget that we see the world as we are and not as the world is. The Change has to come from within… If you change the way you look at things, the things you at change….

If  we maintain negative thoughts , most of the things appear negative and we undermine our very own potential. Let us have a positive outlook to life and Change from within. And we can lead a happy life. And Indeed we can shape our destiny.






People who change after change, will survive.


People who change with the change,will succeed.


People who cause the change, will lead.



You must be d Change, u wish to see in d World....


-Mahatma Gandhi.