Change the colour of hyper link in Power Point

Nilesh Jain (Assistant Manager) (1064 Points)

14 February 2011  

Presentation  is an easy way of showing your knowledge. Especially when you use the power point presentation  you should be very particular about the colors you are using. When in case you make any presentation  in PowerPoint 2010  you should always make sure that the text color and the color of hyperlink must be same. Thus to change the link color you have to proceed as following :-

  1. First is to chose the Design tab.
  2. Select the basic Themes group.
  3. Then go the theme color.
  4. Finally when making new theme colors option, in the drop down chose the option suitable for the color scheme.
  5. Now you can give the theme a name and save it.



This is how easily you can change the color of the hyperlink present in your presentation