Change of Registered Email ID with exam Portal

Sampathkumar R (Chief Financial Officer)   (20 Points)

07 May 2021  

Greetings to every one,

I am suffering with the following issue, which I tried to get resolved with the exam help line and at my dismay it was not resolved.

I was in UAE and worked there in an audit firm, at that time I registered for the using online facility with an email ID, which I was using and provided by the telecomunication operator of that country. In 2019 I repatriated to India for my family reason. and I changed my communication details in the student portal for change in the email as I couldn't avail the UAE provided email as I lost the residenship there in that country.

The changes were updated in the SSP portal but not in the exam portal and I could not login to exam portal for applying for examination through online as I lost my password for login. When I using the facility for forgot password the login details were sent to the old mail id, which I cannot use it now. I sent communication to exam helpline email ID for several times with remainders and my problem was not got resolved.

Can someone help me in changing the email id into active email id